Mar 31, 2007

Stick Arena Billistick

Yes if you havent herd the news SAB is the new version of SA that Xgen is working on. There is no set relese date yet but I assume it will be somtime after july. I watched the trailer that Xgen put out for this and here is what I can see will be in SAB. Six new wepons but the video only displayed two. The first a chainsaw and the secound looked like a sort of plasma cannon. Also there may be more than one attack you can use with the wepons for example the chainsaw had a forward attack and a sort of spin attack. In all there should be thirteen wepons in the game. Next I noticed the rings around the charactor where diffrent. This may be some kind of new customization that they add into the game to give them a distenctive look. And finally it said there will be a new currencey system. This is perhaps the strangest new thing to me and very little is know. Also Xgen clams the SAB will not be hackable.will see if that is true.

Watch SAB trailer
Also you should get this Stick Rpg Complete trainer thats kekeb so kindly made from my request. [ZIP. or RAR.]
Note: if you have troble downloading the ZIP. right click and press save target as..


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