Mar 31, 2008

DF Black Trainer Released!

Yes DF black is finally done! It has all of the following

- Several Hacks
- A custom SWF Loader
- Hosted SWF's
- Rare Weapon's and Custom Armors

Theres a lot more too. The screen shot and download are below.


Mar 28, 2008

Multiplayer Asteroids Trainer

Yep :) another one. This one doesn't have as many options but you can still own. Kind of a fun game too. I'm also working on another project and I'll be working on that. As for DF black it may not be out for awhile so just chill and play one of my trainers.

Pic of trainer (30 kills 0 Deaths):


Mar 26, 2008

Zwok Multiplayer Trainer

Yep another multi-player game trainer. This one is for a game called Zwok which is like a team turned based strategy game. Its pretty fun, but you may get kicked if your Over Abusive so try not too cheat too hard ;) Pic of trainer below.


Mar 20, 2008

Updates/2 Trainers/SWF Downloader

Havening some delays on DF black. It might be ready by sometime next week. Also I made 2 trainers for 2 games some people requested on the forums so if you want to make a request I'd make it there. I also made a handy little tool that downloads SWF's via the swf link. There is a picture below.

Download - SWF Downloader
Download - Samurai Defense Trainer
Download - Genghis Khan Trainer

Mar 12, 2008

Support March 15th Scientology Protest

Theres going to be a protest world wide agisnt Scientology and its evils. If you want to support this cause then you can get information from the following sites.

Mar 7, 2008

New Template (again) and Dragon Fable Trainer?

Yes as you can tell I changed the template again. Also I added a hit counter on the top left of the page. So far in about 4 days the sites gotten about 6000 hits. Thanks to all of my supporters and I ask that you tell your friends about my site.

Also I'm working on a Dragon Fable Trainer! Yeah, it will be called DF Black and it will be public. Should be ready sometime next week. I'll see If I can fill all of the requests for trainers as well.

Leave a comment on the new template or if you want to request a trainer.

Mar 2, 2008

Trainer List

If you want a trainer I made in the past there all archived here...

But if you want to download all of my trainers in one then here you go

-55 Trainers
-Includes all of the old trainer that are now probably Crap
-pass is


Mar 1, 2008

Updating Battleon Trainer

Watch this video. I showed how to get the SWF url of adventure quest and apply it to the trainer. You can do the same with mech quest. Unfortunitly dragon fable doesn't work anymore. I may post a patched version.