Mar 21, 2007

SA Alt. Hacks!

Tierd of waiting for SA three well check all this cool stuff out!

SA Alternative Hacks

Ive got this site on Freewebs that has a list of a bunch of alternative hack packs some of them have features that will be avilible on SA v3 *Final*. I dont compeltly trust some of the sites on here so be carful what you download.

This is an old hack program you may have herd of it SpeedGear is an old program that was used in SA a while ago. Also I think it may work with other games and its much easier to use than cheat engine.

Create Your Own Hack Pack
You also might want to check out Flasm hacks it shows a list of what hacks you can get it even has some newer ones like wepon spawn and anti-kick there are three diffrent lists. But you must Download a blank Hp first and put the hacks from flasm to create your own hack pack. Blank Hp List 1 List 2 List 3

Alt. Hack Packs

There are many other ppl who have made there own hack packs like this but they are simple Hp's and you could easily make one yourself. And some ppl put a virus along with them and I do not reccomend it but check these out.

Ninja.Hacker's v5 Trainer (4843 Downloads)

Kiraz's v3 with 99 kill hack (622 Downloads)

Demom Hackerz v3 (Latest Version)

Dragon Hack3r's v3

Ghozt's Hp (Select upload file)

Ninja.Hackers v4 (4214 downloads)

Kiraz's Legit Pack (w/1 vote click)

+Hurricane+ v2 Legit (468 Downloads)

All of the links above take you to the Plunder download site. (B-CAREFUL)

Need help using Flasm go to the guide.

Expect SA v3 *Final* from opium test soon also expect a review of it by me.
Also see Artmoney 2 soon...

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