Nov 16, 2006

Cheat Engine

First heres some pics at what the cheat engine system looks like now Im gonna walk you through on how to use it. (this is how to you use it for stick arena)

1.Go to

2.Open up cheat engine (Im assuming you already have it downloaded with the latest update)

3.Click the flashing green computer at the top lefthand of your screen you should be in a difernt screen hit the down arrow and set it to an internet connection(reccomended are etheir internet explorer or Firefox)

5.Now there are seprate ways you could go here see below to learn the hacks

The speed hack is the simplest in the screen after you clicked the flashing computer and after youve set the enthernet connection you should see somthing on the window that says ENABLE SPEED HACK with a click box next to it click the box it should change the apperance of the screen and a box with numbers in it above(or beside I forget) it should say SET SPEED the speed your on is 1.0 change it to anything BUT DO NOT CHANGE IT ABOVE 3.0 or it will lag and may cause your computer to crash.(also some glitchs may occour like your system freezing inbetween matchs)

In order to set the health hack you must be in the screen with the enable speed hack BUT DO NOT START THE SPEED HACK instead find two boxes side by side with numbers in them now set those numbers inbetween the numbers 122881 and 122889 get killed on stick arena and see what value changed to a big number double click it and it should freeze there now you are invenceble

Open cheat engine go grab a sword and hit the find the scan button type in 24 and hit scan find a bat scan 16 find a hammer and scan 56 now click real address to the left and change it to the following 24=sword 16=bat 56=sledge 48=shotgun 40=AK-47 32=glock 8 or 0for fists if it doesent work change the address number to your liking

First see how many kills you havetake your kills and make it multiply by 8 write yor kills in the VALUE BOX and first scan now you should have some address take them all and change them to 3000000 your rank should be the highest but note that your rank will not stay and each time you play you haft to do it agin

Thats alle the cheat engine I have if you have any questions please comment.

Yet another old post this on all about how to use cheat Engine... ENJOI

Nov 15, 2006


I bet you want to
hack like this

If you do then your in the right place

heres the site

Once your there I reccomend that you download Ninja.hack3r's V5
Because its the best I think

Well this is also an old post dont bother to click on the link the site was shut down... ):

Nov 8, 2006

Nov 2, 2006

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