Dec 29, 2013

Im better then you in all ways possible

I fucking hate ponies I'd rather drink the salt water stored up in some fat hairy bitchs mole coverd pussy after did a vagina cannonball 400 ft into the ocean and drown my wife and newborn baby in it then have it be a pony icon fucking faggotshit.

It doesn't matter anyway hope you have a happy fucking new year. This year I'll leave you with a quote from the greatest person who ever lived.

"I understand more then you can possibly know"

-A wizard who's powers are unmatched even by the most cunning of sorcerers named ultimate grand master cheif commander general overlord pylon supply depot supreme super incredible lvl99 high five teizhcial

Dec 8, 2013

How many times do i need to say yes to get you to leave?

What's the deal with the internet these days all these kids orgasmaning over tablets and shit. Who the fuck doesn't use a keyboard? What the fuck is a Xbox one why did it go from 360 to ONE Jesus christ i hope they all get the seizures. I am the inquisitor I am here to inquire and cause pain now lay down and die.

Dec 1, 2013


I had to reset my phone so add me this way crazycracker you SOB

best way to contact me is Skype or kik
Skype name: teizhcial
New kik name: trauma375