Apr 30, 2007

3D Pinball Table

Im makeing progress in making trainers with cheat engine. Ive made a trainer for that 3D pinball game on your computer. It has a score hack so you can show off to your freinds in the high score table how good you are. Im going to make a CE trainer for a flash game next. And also if you want to make trainers with CE watch this video by kekeb it helps lots. Video


Apr 29, 2007

MineSweeper Table (Not with VB6!!!)

Ive made a trainer for minesweeper but not using VB6. I made it using cheat engine. Much thanks to kekeb and his video turtorial. Ive included two versions the V1 a very basic trainer. And V2 which I used from the minesweeper table at the CE site. I have a pic of V2 at the bottom. Also im not sure but I think you DO need CE to run this. Im Thinking of doing more with CE so tell me if you like this. Also there might be some delays with my V2.0 HP im doing some bugfixis.


Apr 26, 2007


SA V2.0 isnt gonna be out til monday. (or april the 30th)
Heres some sponsers (kinda) I was BORED...

Whats you favrotie file hosting site?
tell me!!!!!!!

OR heres an easier way ;)

http://www.xatech.com/update_flash.shtml" />
Get'>http://www.xatech.com/web_gear/?p">Get your own Poll!

Apr 24, 2007

V2.0 HP Soon

Ive been testing my new V2.0 hack pack. It will have what V1.5 and more I have a list of the new hacks at the bottom. I beleaive the is the best HP out their and most likly I am wroung. But it beats using the now n00b infested sa trainer. If you want to know how to use a hack pack and get my V1.5 simply scroll down to my last post.

V1.5 Hacks:
-Anti kick boot
-1 vote kick-steal wepon (hold X near other player)
-Anti Lag
-Jump into lobby from quickstart
-Teloport Hack (tab button)
-Suicide hack (caps lock button)
-Faster Speed
-Extra wepon knife
-Wepon Hotkeys (the numbers on the right of your keyboard)
-Boot from lobby hack (simply click someones name and hit PM VERY FAST and it will boot them)

New V2.0 Hacks:
-Invincibility (you cannot die now)

-ASH *Auto Speed Hack* (Not moving fast enough? Hold down V and then move you will move much faster and can even fly right into walls but you may get stuck outside the arena so press TAB to respawn)

-Suicide spam (Caps lock is suicide hack so now press it really fast to spam and lagg other players)

-4x Lobby Spam (Simply type a message in the lobby or do 4x the spam to pwn the only 1x spam sa trainer users)

Also more hacks will be added apon release...

Apr 22, 2007

Teizhcials V1.5 Stick Arena Hack Pack

Well im going to share my NEVER BEFORE RELEASED stick arena hack pack. Also im going to tell you whats in it (like some amazing features you cant get in SA trainer v3) and also how to use it.

How to use a hack pack:

Step 1-Download my HP to "My Documents"

Step 2-Extract the files from the zip by right clicking and then clicking extract all

Step 3-Use the extraction wizard

Step 4-Open the extrated folder

Step 5-Right click the file called game.swf and open it with your web browser (FF reccomended)

Step 6-Now got to this site here

Step 7-Click down the edit locations drop box then click add location

Step 8-Click browse for files..

Step 9-Select my documents and open the HP

Step 10-Now youve activated the GS manager now right click the game.swf file again open it with a browser and strat palying!!!!

Teizhcials V1.5

-Anti kick boot
-1 vote kick
-steal wepon (hold X near other player)
-Anti Lag
-Jump into lobby from quickstart
-Teloport Hack (tab button)
-Suicide hack (caps lock button)
-Faster Speed
-Extra wepon knife
-Wepon Hotkeys (the numbers on the right of your keyboard)
-Boot from lobby hack (simply click someones name and hit PM VERY FAST and it will boot them)


Woooooo hope you enjoy it been working on it all night and you wouldent beleaive the plunder sever it took me like seven trys too upload it. Im thinking of taking a break for awhile but this is more than enough enjoy!!!

Id also like to thank the folloing ppl for the hacks...
Dragon Hack3r

Dragon hack3rz site:


Thank you for the great insturtions. And im working on some new hacks for the HP but dont expect a new version for awhile.

Apr 20, 2007

Hex Editors

Today I want to tell you about hex editors. A hex editor is a memory editor that can be used to hack flash games by changeing the variables. Ive found this fun and cool to exparament with I also want to make my own hex editor. To learn more about hex editors go here.

Also here are a few hex editors you can mess around with some of them you may already know.

Quick Memory Editor:Complecated but is good to try if your looking for somthing new.


Cheat Engine V5.3:Perhaps the most well know reativly medeocure to use.


Speed Gear:Not actually a hex editor but it will speed up your os.


Most of these were found at the Softcows website.

Apr 19, 2007

2nd Annual Trainer Library

Yes my secound trainer library. This time around im being much more organized. Heres an example of the Trainer Book marks as like to call them.

Name: ***** Trainer
By: Teizhcial
Decription: Socre hack

All new additions will most likly be at the bottom.

1.Murloc Trainer
Has many diffrent hacks for rpg murloc

2.Flash Flash Revolution Trainer
No description

3.Sinjid Trainer
Most standered hacks for rpg sinjid

4.Club Pengiun Trainer
first Cp trainer

5.Club Pengiun Trainer V2.0
Latest version of Cp V3.0 not released

6.Soldat Trainer
Trainer for action game soldat includes standared hacks

7.Stick Arena Trainer
Very first SA trainer (may not work)

8.SA Trainer *final*
First *final* SA trainer includes basic SA hacks

9.SA Trainer *Final* V2.0
Secound SA *Final* only new thing is teloport hack

10.SA Trainer *Final* V3.0
Very advanced trainer w/many hacks also many problems with download

11.Stick RPG Complete Trainer
Kekeb of E-hacks
Standared rpg hacks NOTE:Right click and press save as target

12.Flash Element TD Trainer
Kekeb of E-Hacks
standard trainer for puzzle game (right click to download)

13.Flash Circle TD Trainer
Kekeb of E-Hacks
Trainer for advanced puzzle game (right click to download

14.Bot Arena 2 Trainer
Kekeb of E-Hacks
No description (right click and press save as traget to download for last few)

15.Sinjid Trainer
Kekeb of E-Hacks
Advanced RPG trainer (right click as always)

16.Defend your Castle Trainer
Kekeb of E-Hacks
Advanced rpg trainer some bugs (right click)

17.Gods playing feild trainer
Meeman of PPT277
The most advanced gpf trainer

18.Bin Laden Liqures Trainer
Meeman of PPT277
no description

19.Bin laden liqures 2 Trainer
Meeman of PPT277
no description

20.Babo Violent 2 Trainer
Meeman of PPT277
no desciption

21.Bloody Rage Trainer
Meeman of PPT277
fighting game trainer some bugs

22.You killed kenny trainer
Meeman of PPT277
no description

23.Stickicide 2 Trainer
Meeman of PPT277
no description

24.Dynasty Street Trainer
Kekeb of E-Hacks
DS trainer with standared hacks (right click)

25.Tetris Trainer
Basic trainer

26.Invaders Trainer
Basic Trainer

27.Commandos 2 Trainer
More advanced trainer

28.Detonator Trainer

Now here are some of the latest trainers

29.Cursor Game Trainer
Teizhcial OT2
only has score hack

30.Stick Avalanche Trainer
Teizhcial OT2
only has score hack

31.Stick Trinity Trainer
Kekeb of E-hacks
Advanced trainer UBHA exclucive (right click)

32.Desert Storm Trainer
Meeman of ppt277
no descrition

33.Defend the North Pole Trainer
Meeman of ppt277
no description

34.Crazy Flasher 3 Trainer
Meeman of ppt277
no description

35.Bloody Rage Final Trainer
Meeman of ppt277
Bugs fixed

36.Cursor Game Trainer
Loslam of source hacks
Extremly basic trainer

37.Gods playing feild trainer
Loslam of source hacks
Better than avrage gpf trainer

38.Starfighter Quadrent Wars Trainer
Meeman of ppt277
MMO trainer!!!

39.Campion Archer Trainer
Meeman of ppt277
no description

40.Stick Avalanche Trainer
Meeman of ppt277
no description

41.AIM Vs MSN Trainer
Meeman of ppt277
no description

42.Cristmas Defend your Castle
Meeman of ppt277
Chistmas DYC Trianer

43.Dynasy Street
Meeman of ppt277
Advanced trainer with many hacks

Thats all and id like to thank all of the members of UBHA for their great trainers
Currently more than 43 Trainers! Remember to check for updates.


Apr 17, 2007

Remodeling-Lotta News!

Today ive made a few changes to my blog. First you may notice new colors N' stuff also ive added a chat box feel free to chat or leave me a message. XD

Also if you wish to become a member of UBHA your in the right place just ask me and ill tell you what to do. :)

Next ill let ya in on a little secret... where planing to make a ubha website! But it will not be for a while so chill. :(

Also I plan on makeing my 2nd annual trainer libaray soon. It will be much more organized and more descriptive than the last library. :D

Apr 16, 2007

Visual Basic 6.0 (UPDATED)

I have an exact location of where you can download VB6. I dont have any new trainers (havent had the time) but this is better. This is the exact place that I got VB6 forum at a form called Sythe. From there it will take you to Rapidshare a file shareing site. Now click free and strat the download of visual Basic 6.0 enterprise edition. It is a .zip file with a buncha different files in it. Extract all of the files. Now look for "AMC_BOOT" use that to install VB6. Also if the link is dead or the download has been removed or your having any other problems let me know and ill fix them.


New VB6 Download links
Here are some new EXCLUSIVE links to the VB6 download.



Apr 12, 2007

Stick Avalanche Trainer

I have made a trainer for the game stick avalanche. I did this because every time you die the game gives you a grade like C+ or D- and gives you a smart remark. Well lets see what grade you get when you hack the score! MAWHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAAHAHAHH


Also I need help hacking squares 2 the score hack just freezes up and I cant modofie using the flash decompiler. Heres the swf.


Apr 11, 2007


Please download my completely fixed cusor game trainer. All it has is a score hack but thats the only thing I could hack.

Expect more new projects soon! :D

Availible in the .zip format only


Apr 10, 2007

Cursor Game Trainer

My first trainer! is a peice of shit. it wont work unless you have VB6. And yes I now have VB6. I ask that people who have VB6 download it and tell me how to move the file that is the game with the command tab on to my desktop without it having to go to VB6 so that people who dont have VB6 can play it? Also the one that meeman posted is diffrent because I dont use or have the flash decompiler.

Meemans tourtual

Download my failed cursor game trainer


I think ive fixed the CG trainer please download and tell me.

Apr 9, 2007

A few things...

Ok I still dont have an exact place to download VB6 but I have alot of add ons and torrents and stuff like that. All of it should be fixed when we have the meeting today. Also I want to make a list of any VB6 add ons or extra features so if you have anything tell me and ill keep it in mind.

Also check out a new blog by a freind of mine he just started but he is pretty good at HTML.

Jump web browser

Daemon's tools

Also I may be updateing the trainer library soon.

Apr 6, 2007

Ubha Blog is up!

Yes the united blog hackerz association's blog is up.

Go there and check it out!
Also you can only become a member if I confirm you by email. So go there now and check it out and if your a member start posting! If theres anythnig that a member would like me to add to the blog please ask. Also theres a chat box so you can talk to other members instanly! If there's any more problems or reqeusts just ask.

Apr 5, 2007

Blog Library/UBHA Info.

Alright this will break down some of the hacking blogs for you and also if your blog appears on the list you are welcome to join UBHA. But it is your choice. Also the UBHA blog will be up tommorow. So get the URL here then everyone who is welcomed can sigh up as members and post on the blog and subit their content!

Name: Jake
Blog: www.opiumtest.blogspot.com
UBHA Status: Welcome...

Name: Meeman666
Blog: www.ppt277.blogspot.com
UBHA Status: Member

Name: Kekeb
Blog: www.ehacks.blogspot.com
UBHA Status: Member

Name: GothicJump
Blog: www.gothicjump.blogspot.com
UBHA Status: Welcome...

Name: Sal
Blog: www.allthehackshere.blogspot.com
UBHA Status: Welcome...

Remeber UBHA will be up tommorow. And tell me (Gothicjump,Sal,jake) if your ready to join UBHA. And try and find new members to be apart of UBHA.

And finally ive changed the underground in UBHA has been changed to united.
So UBHA now means United Blog Hackers Association.

Apr 4, 2007

Hacking Blog Library Soon!!!

Today I want to tell you about my soon to come hacking blog library! It will list blogs that have trainers and other sorts of goodies.

SO IF YOU WANT YOUR BLOG TO APPEAR ON THE LIST PLEASE TELL ME AND ILL CHECK IT OUT. And also ill add a link to that blog from my page! Expect it VERY SOON so youed better tell me if you want some of the top spots. And it will also give the blog a little more hype. You may even be asked to join the underground blog hackers association (or U.B.H.A.). so tell me your blog today!

Also im updateing the Prg's library to add descriptions and adding a few new trainers to the trainer library. And also somtime I plan on making a SA hack pack library...

Apr 3, 2007

1st Program Library

Welcom to the program library! Here I have many diffrent things you could toy with use or hack with. You may find somthing you like or somthing you dont really like... But im hoping you will find this usefull.

Over 32 Downloads!!!

UPDATE [added descriptions to some of downloads]
NOTE: most of these work with GunBound or Aimbot and are just add ons for those.

Efz Aimbot Sim-http://rapidshare.de/files/24246384/efzbot.rar

Aimbot Corrections-http://rapidshare.de/files/24593172/gbaimbot.zip

DragonBotWC w/MASM-http://www.plunder.com/DBWC-Soucecode-download-9774.htm

GBAB VB Source code-http://www.plunder.com/DBWC-Soucecode-download-9774.htm

CSHOTSRC VB For Aimbot-http://www.plunder.com/CSHOTSRC-sourcecode-vb-download-9776.htm

Process Imposter v2.0-http://www.plunder.com/Process-Imposter-v2-0-download-10001.htm

VB6 Runtime Files-http://www.plunder.com/VB6-runtime-files-download-10002.htm Used to run VB trainers

Monolz.dll Aim.rar-http://www.plunder.com/Aimbot-Bypass-download-10202.htm

GB and Aimbot Bypass-http://www.plunder.com/GameRegistance2-08-download-13844.htm

AB Bypass Zip-http://www.savefile.com/files/87907

Developers Prg.-http://developer.aim.com/bot.jsp

GB Driver Bypass-http://www.plunder.com/GB-Bpass-download-19868.htm

GB Aimbot VB soure code-http://www.plunder.com/GBAB-SourceCode-download-9773.htm

GBAB Zip-http://www.plunder.com/GB-Aimbot-GBAB--download-19870.htm

DragonBot masm code-http://www.plunder.com/Dragonbot2Aimbot-download-36236.htm

TrailRest_3.0-http://www.plunder.com/TrailReset3-download-36237.htm lets you reset a prg trail

GBAB+Source Zip-http://www.plunder.com/GBAB-SourceCode-download-50991.htm

Auto DLL GunzNA-http://www.plunder.com/GunzNA-DLL-Hack-download-50994.htm

New Quick inject morphine DLL-http://riseorfall.googlepages.com/quickinject2Source.zip

NA Gunz DLL-http://www.plunder.com/SurReal-DLL-download-51874.htm

Limewire Basic-http://www.limewire.com/LimeWireWinBoth p2p software

Bit Torrent-http://download.bittorrent.com/dl/BitTorrent-5.0.7.exe p2p software

SoulSeek-http://www.slsknet.org/slsk156c.exe p2p software

itunes-http://www.apple.com/itunes/download/ Media player

Gaim IM-http://gaim.sourceforge.net/downloads.php Instant messanger

Flash MX-http://download.macromedia.com/pub/flash/esd/flashmx_trial_en.exe Flash content maker

Quicktime-http://www.apple.com/quicktime/download/ Media player

Goldwave Aduio Editor-http://www.goldwave.com/release.html Media editor

AVG Antivirus-http://www.avg-antivirus.de/FreeAvgAntivirus/en_index.html Virus protection

Adobe Reader-http://www.adobe.com/products/acrobat/readstep2.html Media reader

Cheat Engine V5.3-http://www.heijnen1.demon.nl/CheatEngine53.exe Memory editor

Speed Gear 5.00-http://www.soft32.com/Download/free-trial/Speed_Gear/4-66296-1.html Speeds up OS

Thats all please tell me of any Prg. you like :)

Apr 2, 2007

Usefull Programs Library Soon

First id like to say that ive updated the trainer library and that their is now over 27 diffrent trainers to choose from :D
And yes I will have a programs library that lists usefull things like:

Flash hacking systems
Extra security for your comp.
Flasm hack pack maker
Other hack pack makers
p2p software
Audio adjustment tools
Flash content makers
Instant messangers
Visual Basic 6.0

All that and much much more PLUS ill ask you to reccomend a prg that you think is usefull and ill add it to the library :)

Apr 1, 2007

1st annual Trainer Library

First off happy april fools :P and next yes this is my first trainer library. Oh a library boring right. WRONG this will help you easily find any game trainer that you need quick and simple. All of these are flash game trainers only. And all can be easily downloaded and all checked and played by me. All of them ive gotten with out any virus or trojan problems. But you should still scan. Please enjoy because there will not be another until there are lots more trainers.

UPDATE No.3 [Org. # of Trainers 23] Now 35 Trainers

Murloc Trainer-http://www.plunder.com/Murloc-Trainer-Hack-download-17184.htm

FFR Trainer-http://www.plunder.com/FFR-Trainer-Hack-download-14440.htm

Sinjid (jake)-http://www.savefile.com/files/112270

Club Penguin 2-http://www.savefile.com/files/75456

Club Pengiun-http://www.savefile.com/files/58005

Club Peinguin (plunder)-http://www.plunder.com/ClubPenguin-Trainer-download-11536.htm

Soldat Trainer-http://www.plunder.com/Soldat-Trainers-download-10721.htm

SA Trainer v3-http://www.plunder.com/SA-Trainer-FINAL-v3-download-54420.htm

SA Trainer v2-http://rapidshare.de/files/31751857/SAtrainerFinal2.rar.html

SA Trainer v2-http://www.plunder.com/SA-Trainer-FINAL-v2-download-10500.htm

SA Trainer-http://rapidshare.de/files/31345259/SAtrainerFinal.zip.html

SA Trainer-http://www.plunder.com/Stick-Arena-Trainer-Final-download-9614.htm

SA Org.-http://rapidshare.de/files/28969193/SAtrainer.zip

Stick Rpg Trainer-http://www.freewebs.com/ntua/StickRPGComplete.zip

Flash circle TD Trainer-http://www.plunder.com/-download-53201.htm

Flash element TD Trainer-http://www.freewebs.com/ntua/FlashElementTDHack.zip

Bot Arena 2 Trainer-http://www.plunder.com/-download-53200.htm

Sinjid (Kekeb)-http://www.freewebs.com/ntua/Sinjid.zip

Defend your castle Trainer-http://www.freewebs.com/ntua/DefendYourCastle.zip

Gods playing field Trainer-http://www.mediafire.com/?1tz22yykwdw

Bin laden liqures Trainer-http://www.mediafire.com/?bymfzd2olyn

Bin laden liqures 2 Trainer-http://www.mediafire.com/?bymfzd2olyn

Babo Violent 2 Trainer-http://www.mediafire.com/?4mdwnamxatm

Bloody Rage Trainer-http://www.mediafire.com/?dzmnunuayjm

You killed kenny trainer-http://www.mediafire.com/?djthiz2zmwz

Stickicide 2 trainer-http://www.mediafire.com/?fwnklqqwijy

Dynasty Street trainer-http://www.freewebs.com/ntua/dynastystreet.zip

Detonator Trainer-http://www.plunder.com/Detonator-Trainer-download-55199.htm

Tetris Trainer-http://www.mediafire.com/?42g2onnngmn

invaders Trainer-http://www.mediafire.com/?6qmjwyy135h

Commandos 2 Trainer-http://www.mediafire.com/?9mkmzmmolm2

Detonator Trainer V1.1-http://www.mediafire.com/?7onzyjr5wyz

invasion 4 Trainer-http://www.mediafire.com/?5wujygr5giz

SA v3 (mediafire)-http://www.mediafire.com/?9uyjilmr5z4

Thats all but you can also soon expect:
Hacking Prg. Library
SA Hp Library

Also I'd like to thank the following ppl for there hard work.

Jake of www.opiumtest.blogspot.com
Kekeb of www.ehacks.blogspt.com
Meeman666 of www.ppt277.blogspot.com

And any other ppl whose trainers have or will appear...
Also I have plans to make a freewebs site SOON...