Mar 26, 2007

SA Trainer *Final* v3

Download It!

Yes its finally out and ive got a lot to tell you!!! First if you dont have it yet GET IT here.

Problems with Trainer?

Next ive seen on the comments that alot of people are having trouble and problems with the trainer most of the problems would most likely be solved by downloading the VB6 files here. Also if you still have problems please ask I plan on making an SA Trainer Q: and A: tommorow.

VB6 Runtime files

Review of Trainer
From what ive played of this trainer I can say its the best one out there. But ive found many errors when inputing what you want like the speed hack does not work as the reload hack and some other features do not work as well. That aside this is a great trainer some of my Favs are the wepon hack and the round time hack. Many other options like the font size and MSG speed hack take some time to figure out. Also the new button layout much improves over the old. It also has a nice silver finish which is pretty cool. Still I hope the input errors are fixed please I'd like to hear what you think of the trainer.

Thats all see you in SA...


B said...

speed hack works you just have to quit to lobby then go back in to the game to get reload hack to work just put in 0...everything works just gotta know how to use it

Anonymous said...


i cant use hack said...

It says class not registered you need the following file to be installed on your machine

Anonymous said...

it dosent work
i did both downloads