Feb 9, 2009

HOLY SHIT! New Trainer!

Yarr I haven't been posting much. But I made a trainer for some dumbass random game I found, since I haven't made a trainer in so long. Its a weird pixel game. Anyway some news well... I was working on a Stick Arena Ballistick trainer since the credit hack I developed was patched and that got boring after awhile so its like half finished, I might finish it.

Anyway I've decided to post on the site more so look forward to that I'm also going to be accepting trainer requests via comments (Please provide a link also the game must be flash, I'm not spending hours trying to hack some gay free online game) so if you want a trainer drop me a comment and I'll try to make it.

I'm almost always trying to find new sites on the internet and I found a couple fun game site's you should check out, also made the new trainer from one of the games off of one of the sites. Links are at the bottom enjoy.


Old skin is back.


Cool game sites: