Jun 30, 2008

Trainer Pack 1

Here's a trainer pack with 11 different trainers for:
Bowman 2
Cursor Thief
Defend Your Castle
God's Playing Field
Interactive Buddy
Stick Defense
Stick RPG
The World's Hardest Game

-All made by me!

Check out the FORUMS for more!

-Marioman Sp-

Jun 25, 2008

GunBound Aimbot

Anyone play GunBound? Well if you don't you should check it out because its a really fun game. For those who do play it I've got a working aimbot at the forums. So if you want to own in GunBound, then register some accounts and post.

I also made a video of the Aimbot, so enjoy ;)

Jun 22, 2008

SA Map Pack/Trainer TUT

A long time ago I made Stick arena Map Packs. I had four, but I'm just releasing version 4 because it has all of the maps in the previous versions. I'd say it has about 30 or so custom maps. Click here to get it.
Also, today I made a tutorial on how to make a Cursor Thief Trainer. VB6 Tutorial. It's made for people who have never used VB6 before. There isn't a a download link for VB6 in it. I didn't see the point in adding one when there is a whole collection of download links on the Forums.
-Marioman Sp-

Dragon Fable old project

Very old project I made, it has great filters that help a lot.
Except for 1 hack that does not work, the Gorgok hack, it's very old in the times of Gorgok's return.
So if you may do not use that hack.

Hacks included and how to use them.
-Dragon amulet hack.
-999 slots, for 20 slot holders only.
-Gold hack 3 parts, for renegade's mission.
Please use them all.
-Male/Female hack.
-Race Angel/Human/Devil.
-Gorgok's hack but it doesn't work anymore.

How to use them:

Download WPE pro from www.wpepro.net, extract WPE pro to where ever you may want.
Download my filters and extract them to where ever you want too.
Then load WPE pro, open my "Average Hacks.flt"
Check them all except for Gorgok's, and click the OK button.
Make sure you click the ok button.
Oh and by the way, you have to click the ok button AFTER you login to Dragonfable, and attach the process to your browser.

Then you may enjoy my hacks, I have tried to improve them, but I couldn't find anything to filter other then variable based hacks.
Comment for any recommendations, but please do not give me your password/username or your character information, I do not do that anymore.
Give me hacks that don't need the variable.



Jun 19, 2008

Another New Poster

I'm another new poster, Marioman Sp. I tend to make trainers more than anything else. Every once in a while I'll post some of my trainers here. In a few days, along with the trainers I made (on the post below) I will be posting a big trainer pack with about ten or so trainers. If you don't want to wait a while for the trainers then become a member of the Forums and make some posts. I will probably post often since I try to make a trainer a day on my website.
-Marioman Sp-

New Trainers/Poster

I'm one of the new posters and ill be posting new trainers/updates.
Here is a big update on trainers from Team Darket, all from the Darket Forums.

Arcane Trainer - PFMB
Cursor Thief Trainer - Wroleader
Doeo Trainer - Marioman Sp
Interactive Buddy Trainer - Obsolete
Stick Defense Trainer - Superbarnie
The Challenge Trainer - Marius
TWHG Trainer - Marioman Sp
Stick Arena Destruction - Marioman Sp

If you dont want to download them all individually, you can download the pack.
(recomended, only 293kb)

Team Darket Trainer Pack

Look forward to more posts by me, comment for trainer requests/trainer features I'll try to get the comment to the owner, or into the trainer request thread at the Forums.

Trainers Not In the Pack.

Sinjid Trainer - PFMB
BoomStik Trainer - PFMB

Jun 17, 2008

New Posters/Updates

Sorry about not posting for awhile. Took a little break then got really busy. Anyway I'm adding some new people to post on the site (besides me) to make the site update more frequently and be more active. As for trainers I've given up on AQ because its pointless. Dragon Fable Black won't be able to update until I get a copy of borland delphi, so you can still use the Beta for now.

During the long break I was working on a few private projects and such, but I'll get back to making trainers. Been thinking about making a cheat for Gaia Online, but seems a little boring. But over all its hard to find Multi-player flash games thats why I need you to make comments and inform me of them.I may also try and attempt a cheat for Puzzle Pirates.

Bored? well you can always check out my youtube channel and watch a few videos. New posters and new trainers coming soon.