Sep 30, 2007

AQ Trainer V3.0

Finally finished V3.0 of my aq trainer. It also has the update the trainer yourself feature so you can continue to use it with out any problems. Also I have a new custom loading feature which allows you to load any armor/wepon/shield/pet/spell in the game for you to use. There are also some preloaded pets and spells and a few new hacks. This may be my last AQ Trainer and I will be focusing on club penguin trainer V2.0

Download AQ Trainer Version 3.0

Sep 26, 2007

Need Opinions

Ive run out of ideas and games to hack. Thats why I need your opinions on what game I should hack/make a trainer for. But the with advanced SWF hacker you can pretty much hack any flash game yourself so if theres any specific game you want a hack for leave a comment. Also Ill be working on a DF and AQ trainer which will have a feature so that when the game gets updated you can update the trainer yourself and still working on a club penguin trainer but in order to get a member hack I need an account that is already a member to get the member Interface Swf. The same goes for guardian hack for AQ I need an account that is already an X Guardian to make the hack work so if theres people who would like to donate and help me you can private message me on the forums. Until I get request/Opinions Ill be working on AQ Trainer V3.0

Sep 20, 2007

Advanced SWF Hacker V1.0.0

Here is my special project that I have been working on all week. Its my own SWF hacker so you can hack flash games with ease. It also has a bunch of features. If you don't understand how to use it I will make a video on how to use it. I also plan on adding a trainer make to it on the next version.

-Lets you load any SWF movie Via URL
-Also has an Un-load feature
-Has 2 variable hacks on the main form
-Has the option to freeze/un-freeze those Variables
-Has many Flash Options
-Lets you load a Base Url
-Lets you load the FlashVars
-Has a Frame Jump
-Can Prevent Menu and Loop
-Can allow script access
-Has a Variable list which you can add to
-Has six SWF Games that you can load
-Has 4 more variable hacks all with option to freeze
-Has hot keys for all functions
-Can Open and Save projects

Download Advanced SWF Hacker V1.0.0

Sep 15, 2007

Dragon Fable Trainer V2.0

Well after alot of hard work my new DF trainer is done. After many complaints about a red screen and nothing more I decided to update and nows its finished. The new hacks are 4 quest hacks a heal hack anti hack detection Strtoken hack max damage hack and a shop hack. If it starts to not work again it may mean that DF has been updated again and I am soon working on the trainer so that you can updated the trainer itself. Also credits to sal for help with updating my dragon fable trainer.

Download Dragon Fable Trainer 2.0

Bridge Builder (Not Flash) Trainer

I have something different today. I made a trainer for a game that is not flash. The game bridge builder is a VERY addictive game. You haft to Install it onto your PC though and its not just a simple exe. I made two trainers with it using cheat engine one changes your weight and the other changes your budget. I would recommend this game to anyone. If you like this leave a comment and maybe there will be another game you would like me to hack (Thats not flash). Also Ive included the Bridge Builder installation with the trainers so you will have everything you need to play ready but for those who are skittish you can also download it from

Download Bridge Builder & Trainers - 623KB

Sep 10, 2007

AQ Trainer Update & Auto Clciker & New Trainer

Well first people have been complaining about the AQ Trainer not working. The reason for this is because AQ updated so that changed the SWF of the game which made it not work. So I made a quick bug fix and now you can get the AQ Trainer V2.6 fully working. Also credits to talix for the swf's for my AQ Trainers

Next up is a little project I made in VB6. Its an auto clicker and can be used for macroing runescape and it has other purpose's as well.

And last is a trainer I made out of boredom. Its for the game zombie survivalism SM. It has a score hack a damage hack mines hack un-killable and suicide hack.

Download AQ Trainer 2.6 (Lore 3370 Updated)

Download Auto Clciker

Download Zombie survivalism SM Trainer

Sep 4, 2007

AQ Trainer 2.5 & New Trainer

Haven't posted in awhile. Ive been busy working on updates for all of the trainers. First I have a update for my AQ Trainer. Whats new is it now has a easier interface the ability to Freeze the monster so it can no longer attack you. A hack that changes all the monsters stats to zero and a health and mana potion hack.

Next is just a quick litte trainer I made for a fun flash game called thor towers it also has a high score's list so maybe you can cheat your way onto that. Ill be working on updates for the club penguin and dragon fable trainers soon.

Download AQ Trainer Version 2.5

Download Thor Towers Trainer