Dec 30, 2007

Murloc Trainer

Well I hope everyone had a good Christmas and what not and an early happy new year for 2008. Anyway I made a trainer for Murloc Stranglethon fever. It has a lot of hacks which I have listed but first I would like to tell you that I am going to make a trainer for all of the requests from my last post. But this will take some time so be patient and you will get the trainer. Also if you have any other requests leave a comment.

Murloc Cheats:
-Set Max HP
-Set Current HP
-Set Max Energy
-Set Current Energy
-Set Money
-Set Player Level
-Set Enemy Level
-Set Enemy HP
-Set STR
-Set STA
-Set INT
-Set AGI
-Set Name
-Set Talent points
-Set X_ Position
-Set Y_ Position
-Set Frame Number

Download (Plunder):

Download(Upload Your):

Dec 22, 2007

Staggy 2 Trainer

I made a trainer for the game Staggy the Boy Scout Slayer II. Its a really fun game. I'm having a hard time finding games to hack so if you want a trainer for a flash game leave a comment and I will see if I can. But if I can't you can always use AUT to try and hack it. Also this is an encrypted game so I guessed all the variables

Staggy Cheats:
-Set Health
-Set Money
-Set Kills

Download (Plunder):

Download (UploadYour):

Dec 20, 2007

Advanced Universal Trainer

Been a while since I posted. But in my spare time I've been working on my Universal Flash Trainer. I call it Advanced Universal trainer or AUT for short. You may remember "Advanced SWF Hacker" and I didn't like that name so I changed it. Anyway AUT V1 has a lot more features then the old version and before I list them I'd like to mention I'm working on and Instructional video for AUT for the people who don't know how to use it and I'll post it later. If you need help with it badly though just join the forums and ask for help. One last thing. I'm working on a trainer maker that will go with AUT and it is in the current version and it currently does not work. You can make the trainer but when you compile it into an exe it wont work (which I amworking on) but when I do finish you will be able to make your own stand alone exe trainers. So you can check it out if you want.

AUT Features:

-Load Any SWF Via URL
-Open Any SWF on your Computer
-SWF Unloader
-Multiple Movie Options
Multiple Edit Movie
-Six Variable Editors
-Option To Freeze Variables
-Variable List
-Remote Tools

-How To Use TUT
-Status Bar
-Trainer Maker (BETA)
-A Bunch of other Crap

Picture (Click to Enlarge):

Download (Plunder):

Download (UploadYour):

Dec 4, 2007

My CEF Account

A lot of people on cheat engine forums have been calling me a leecher. My CEF account name is _Teizhcial_ so STFU YOU IDIOTS. O and if you see me on CEF feel free to help your old pal teizhcial out. Well I probably won't be working on much because of the holidays but I might release a special "Fixed" version of SA black to the public. If you want it know you can always register at the forums at and try to get it. Well thats about all post requests for flash trainers on my comments. =)