Mar 27, 2007

SA V3 Q: and A:

Q and A

Q:Why isnt SA v3 working?
A:Most likey it is the VB6 files you need to download.

Q:How do I use reload hack?
A:You must enter a number lower than zero EX:0-0.9.

Q:Why doesent speed hack work?
A:You must put in a number EX:60-80 then go to the lobby and re-enter for the best results.

Q:Why doesent kill hack work?
A:Turn on the anti-hack detection.

Q:Whats M cleint?
A:Lets you choose what sever youlog into also it lets you submit ppl's IP Address

Q:How do I work the round time?
A:To extend the match put in 500 it should be about 83 min. long if you want to end it quick put in 003.

Q:Whats Show ping/ID?
A:Shows you the other players ping and ID.

Q:Whats ID#?
A:Shows you your ID and gives you the opition to change it.

Q:Whats frame#?
A:Shows you your frame number and gives you the opition to change it.

Q:Whats the HUD msg's?
A:No HUD msg's lets you block all chatting (so that you dont haft to hear them) # of HUD msg's lets you choose how many you want to hear.

The rest isnt that hard to figure out.
And also I'd like to thank Kekeb for agreeing to work on a request trainer I put in also if theres a flash trainer that you want you should ask him at his site.

If theres anymore SA v3 Questions please ask!


Anonymous said...

I've downloaded the VB6 files and still doesn't work,can you help me?

Anonymous said...

dude i have no idea on how to get the speed hack workin i press 60 and it doesnt work plz tell me i getting p.o ed