Oct 25, 2007

Back By First of the Month

November 1st is when I will be back on my main computer and back too work. Its really been making me mad not being able to work on anything. So I decided to post some good sites with trainers and other cool stuff you can check out while I'm gone =)


Also my new site URL Darket.org but unfortunately my domain host slapped a big google ad on the top on the page =( But I have a way to fix that permanently. First you need Firefox then you need to install THIS ad on. Once that is installed right click on the ad and click ad block frame. Make sure it blocks darket.org/oben.php this is a handy ad on that removes ads from your sight =) so there problem fixed.

Oct 20, 2007

Sa Ballistick News

Yeah I know alot of people that come here play stick arena and I have some BRAND NEW ballistick pictures and an interview with skye only here =) you can only read the interview if you have an account on the Forums.


Oct 14, 2007

Spam-Bot 6.0

Since I cant release anything new I thought I would release spam bot 6.0 to the public. I might be back on my main computer (with all my projects/trainers etc...) soon so that means Ill be working on everything and will release my already complete MechQuest Trainer and update the Dragon Fable trainer and Club Peinguin Trainer 2.0.

But anyway here is SB 6.0 a project Ive Improved for awhile now.

New Features:
-Ip Stealer
-Text spammer for F7 & F8
-Better Help Buttons

-Fixed Html extra
-Fixed about


Oct 8, 2007

Forums Renamed

I renamed the forums so no they did not get deleted the new Url is:


Sorry about that.

Also I havent been able to work on anything since I am away from my main computer but I will be back in a few weeks.

Oct 2, 2007

2 New Trainers/Updated Trainers

So I made two new trainers today (real quick ones) and I'm also releasing two updated trainers. The first new trainer is for Invasion 3 and the other new trainer is for the game battlefield. Please remember that I made these rather quick. Also I made updates to two broken trainers and those are Gunmaster Onslaught (now with a working god mode) and Ive updated my ant buster trainer. Also you can expect my club penguin trainer 2.0 very soon.

Download Invasion 3 Trainer
Download Battlefield Trainer
Download Updated GM Onslaught Trainer
Download Updated Ant Buster Trainer