Apr 21, 2008


Just posting some updates and news about my latest projects and answering any questions. It's a lot of reading but hey got nothing better to do right?

First I'm going to answer all the recent comments/questions about DF Black, its a little FAQ.

Dragon Fable Trainer Black FAQ:

Q: Whats the Variable Editor?
A: It's used to edit a variable in the game not in the trainer such as you enter _root.playerHp then enter 9999 as the value to set it to and it will edit the variable.

Q: Why isn't it loading for me?
A: The most common reason is that the game has updated go to Update Trainer and read the tutorial on how to get the flash Vars

Q: I have the latest FlashVars so what else could be wrong?
A: Check your flash player, reinstall it or downgrade to an older version of flash player.

Q: When I attack it always misses or the monster does high damage to me Etc...
A: Toggle the hacks and mess around with the trainer and find a combination that works checking all the hacks isn't a good idea and often leads to problems.

Q: Why doesn't the SWF loader work?
A: Because its a BETA and I'm working on it.

Q: When will the next version be out?
A: I don't know it may take awhile with all my projects but you should check the site often.

Thats the FAQ now on to other news.

I want you guys to tell me all the multi player flash games that are out, you play or want a trainer for. I'd much rather make trainer's for Multi Player Flash Games. Also I love reading comments so please share with me and games etc... or make posts on the Forums. Also someone asked about the pawngame trainer well I decided not to make one because pawn sucks ass and only fagots hack pawn.

I have plans to make a trainer for Flash Flash Revolution so you might see a trainer for is soon. Also I've been hearing about Club Penguin and apparently its true that they sold to the game to Disney which is sad because I don't really think Hacking a Disney game would be fun.

AQ Black? Yes people have been asking about AQ black since there is a DF Black and I can tell you a few things now. First is that I'm still working on it. Second I can tell you that it will have loads more features and a custom auto-battler. Don't expect it for awhile though.

Stick Arena Ballistick. Well not hearing news from XgenStudios about in in a little over a year (I think) its seems like a long while before it will be coming out. Feel free to bitch at them and whine until they do realease it and well all have something to do. ;)

Last is that I love comments. So please leave your opinions as I would love to hear them. >:)

Apr 14, 2008

Dragon Fable Black Beta 2

Made some improvements since the first one.

New Improvements/Features

-Fixed Damage Hack (Now It does around 620000 Damage Per Attack)
-Added Anti - Cheat Detection
-Added a Variable Editor
-Made New Custom Icon
-Added Test Hacks Tab (Includes hacks that I am working with but you can Test)




And remember LEAVE FEED BACK!!!

Apr 7, 2008

Dragon Fable Black Beta

Yes I think the beta version is ready. It has a few hacks and the swf loader. Also its impotant that you DO NOT REMOVE OR RENAME AND SWF'S IN THE FOLDER. Also do not remove the exe form the folder as it will not work. Credits to Eva-01 for the SWF's.

Here is the Beta Version:



Apr 1, 2008


=P well did everyone enjoy my little AF joke.

Don't worry its not real FYI =P

Happy April fools everyone.