Mar 24, 2007

Speed Gear @ SA Trainer

Dont have much today...


I used speed gear with SA trainer today and I found some fun little hack improvments like makeing youself ultra faster than normal and if you also use reload hack with speed gear to make your fire rate beyound the normal SA trainer user. But the anti-lag doesent do much help and you get kicked off alot. I also cant wait to use this with SA v3 because it has a set your speed and will be good for exparaments. Im also testing speed gear with other thaings as well...

Cheap Hps

Many Hps made by other people have problems like the last 6 hps I downloaded where crap and the legits explaned nothing. At first I thought it was the site so I treid another and it too did not work. So I started working on my own agin and the blank hp and it did not have all the files needed which shows that people need to stop submiting cheap Hps.

Also check this site from freewebs out
Its a clans site. Also im thinking of starting my own freewebs site.

Runescape Project

Ive just about given up I may give you the project to see what ive done but theres nothing else I can do.

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