May 11, 2008

† Team Darket † 8 New Trainers

Lots of new trainers from the team at the FORUMS so if you want to make a trainer request or if you want to be a part of the trainer making team.

Flash Hero Trainer - Obsoletet
Doeo Trainer - Wolf
The Last Stand 2 Trainer - Garra
Broken Wings Trainer - Garra
Age of War Trainer - PFMB
Warlords Trainer - PFMB
Black Sails Trainer - Nesray
Sleepless Night Assassin Trainer - Teizhcial

And there are lots more on the forums.
Enjoy and remember to register and make posts on the FORUMS to help contribute to † Team Darket † if you like our trainers.

Also comment :) because I ♥ feed back

May 4, 2008

New Domain Darket.Net!

Thats right the site finally has a clean domain with NO ads and such.

Forum domain coming soon.

Thanks to k3nny for help with the domain.

Also accounts on the forums have been deleted if they did not post even once so yeah.


May 1, 2008

WOW Auto-Jumper & VB6 Setup Tutorial

Been working on AQ Trainer black. It should be ready sometime soon. But in the meantime I made a little program for World Of Warcaft (lol) that makes it so you jump automatically without having to keep hitting the space bar.

1. Open Auto-Jumper
2. Start WOW
3. Press - on the Number pad to start Jumping and press + on the Number pad to stop jumping

Download - WOW Auto-Jumper

Also a few people have been asking me how to Install VB6.

Heres a step by step tutorial.

1. Download VB6 for the link provided in my last post.
2. Extract and open the folder
3. Look in the folder for SETUP.EXE
4. Run it and install
5. When it asks for a registration code or whatever just enter 000000000000
6. Continue with SETUP.EXE until it says you can't go any further or what ever
7. Look in the folder again for ACMBOOT.EXE
8. Run that and install etc...
9. Now your copy of VB6 should work fine

Remember to comment :)