Jan 11, 2007

Hack your Ipod

Want to move your songs off your ipod and onto your your computer? its simple all you haft to do is go to my computer (make sure the ipods connected) click on the ipod in my computer go to tools click on folder options now click the view tab now look for hidden foldrs make the hidden folders not hidden anymore. their should be a new folder called IPOD_CONTROL click on that their should be a folder called music drag it to your desktop. it should take about 15 min. to move it then move the folder to itunes!

WARNING: This is pirating music and is considerd illeagel I must also say that some songs may not play and you may have to manuly move each song to itunes and also if you have another music player on your desktop (like say napster) some song files may convert to that format.

If you have an Ipod this old post might be usefull...