Oct 24, 2010

Minecraft Hacks!

So I've been up all night working (HOLY SHIT RIGHT?) mostly on a minecraft video. I wasmessing with cheat engine and found its was very easy to manipulate this game. So I wrote alittle guide and made a video to show the hacks in action.

-Item Duplication
-Infinite Health/Armor
-Speed Hack

-Cheat Engine
-4th Grade Math Education
-Know how the fuck cheat engine works

Item Duping - You can do it with pretty much any item in the game as long as its stackable. You need to have at least 5 of the item although scanning works faster when the stack is larger. Just break the stack down into smaller stacks then add a stack on to one other stack (ALWAYS add to the same stack or it will not work) every time you add a stack scan the new number and so on. After a couple scans you should have one address and its the item. As you can see in the video I made 64 diamonds from just 10.

Infinite Health/Armor - For this one I was scanning 10 because you of course have 10 hearts. But I noticed you can lose a half a heart as well. So its obvious that your health per heart is a multiple of 2. So that means:
So if you have 1 heart you scan for 2 if you have 1 and 1/2 hearts you scan for 3. Simple enough for ya? Just scan until you find the values (might be one or two) and freeze them at 20. Once thats done just use the same method for your armor.

Speed Hack - So simple just add the minecraft process and click enable speed hack. Set it anywhere from 2.0 to 50.0 anything more would just lag like hell. This one really helps for fast mining, but be careful.

As for the video fraps didn't record cheat engine on screen but you can still see them working. I might make a better video soon as I pretty much stayed up all night and did this. Please leave feedback I'll post more soon.

Oct 12, 2010


And forever is a not a long time. Its all time, and you will be forever.

Well this will scare the shit out of you, props if you watch the whole thing.

Hows that for fucking scary. Anyway the official runescape contest post is coming up soon. Also you should check out this album...

Its by Salem the album is called king knight its some pretty badass house/trip hop music. MORE POSTS? pfff when I feel like it.

Oct 2, 2010

October Octology

Despite your opinion I still post. Less lately but you know right? Well its October. I like this month so I decided to change up the site a little. Been playing a lot of Minecraft a game I've watch grow for months and its really fun. although you haft to buy the Alpha version of the game the multi-player is free in the browser. I got the game for free though because when the dev had his last free2play weekend I changed the client to not connected to the internet and therefor not get updated so free minecraft woo! I might be making some minecraft vid's otherwise you should buy the game and support the dev as he is constantly working on the game so that means a lot of updates.

Musically I've been listening too Interpols Turn on the Bright Lights album, its a really good album. I always try to bring some music to my posts but I may make an in depth music thread
sometime down the month otherwise you can add me on my shitty last.fm that I never go on or update haha o well. If you have an album you think I would like post a comment and I'll give it a
try, although I'm very picky when it comes to what I choose to listen too.

Hey you insatiable cunt, you like Runescape? Yeah thats what I thought, but I'm hold a contest where you can win my RS account for free, all you haft to do is send me a picture via email or in
a comment. The picture can be anything, how I will decided who will win well... whoever posts a
picture I like the most will win so its pretty easy. Either way I'll make an update with more of the info on the contest later.

Now I leave you with this.