Sep 14, 2014

Interesting News

So I've made my own album. I made and recorded all of the songs myself. I'm still working on a cover art for the album, but if anyone wants to try and make one for me I'd like that.

The albums title is Endine and I'm releasing it under my own name Teizhcial, please add these in the album cover if you would like to submit one.

To submit your cover leave a comment to this post with a link to your album cover submission.

The album is completely finished and will be released sometime around the end of the year maybe sooner.
As a little bonus here's the track listing for the album.
1. Bloom In
2. Endine
3. Phobiaphobia
4. Reckless
5. Insomniac
6. Breakdown
7. Origin
8. Athium
9. Nocturnal
10. Spin Doctor
11. Fade Out

More details and possibly a release date soon. Please comment and provide feedback.


Sep 9, 2014


It sucks.

HAHAHA HA take that bungie no day 1 reviews huh? Well you can suck it.