Nov 30, 2007

This is Madness Trainer

Spent awhile on this but its a really good trainer for a really good game so enjoy it =D

It has:
God Mode
Speed Cheat
High Jump Mode
Points Cheat
Big Head Mode
Really Big Head Mode
Dev View Mode
Weapons cheat (You can select to get all 12 Weapons or pick the ones you want)


Nov 27, 2007

Battleon Trainer

I know the last post said "No More Battleon Trainers" but I decided to give you one last trainer. This trainer is a trainer for Adventure Quest, Dragon Fable and Mech Quest all in one. Mech Quest trainer I just added a few hacks and has the update it yourself feature. For the Dragon Fable trainer I just made it so you can make it load yourself with the update it yourself feature. For Adventure Quest I added a few new hacks and a crappy Auto Battler and of course it has the update feature. You'll find the download at the bottom of the post and I remind you there will be no more Battleon trainers after this.

About SA Ballistick I DO NOT KNOW WHEN IT IS COMING OUT those where just some pictures I found. But don't expect it for awhile because there going to Try to make it Impossible to hack. Know for the runescape client I haven't had much time to work on because of the battleon trainer but I may also be coming out with a RS2 auto Fighter.

Download Battleon Trainer:

Nov 24, 2007

No More Battleon Trainers

I've decided to stop making battleon trainers and trainers for games like Adventure Quest, Dragon Fable, MechQuest and whatever gay thing they come out with next. The reason why is because all of these games suck ass and the people who play them need therapy. There are better games out there like Gunz,Gunbound,Stick Arena, and even Runescape. So I'll be making trainers for other games so if you want any flash games hacked just leave a comment.

Also about SA Trainer Black you can't get it anymore but you can get SA Black 2 when it comes out and thats if you have an account on the forums and if you have enough posts to Qualify to get it. So make an account and start posting.

I'm working on Advanced SWF Hacker 2.0 my Universal trainer and am working on a trainer maker for it. Ive gotten pretty far and am able to make a exe and am making Improvements on it all around. If you have any Ideas for it leave a comment.

Another Idea that flew across my mind was about making a Runescape 2 client and I'm making it a side project but it won't be done for awhile.

I may make an update my the Dragon Fable trainer just to add the update feature so you can use it forever like the AQ trainer and may actually make a GOOD Mechquest trainer and put them all in one IF I feel like it. Until then leave comments on trainers you want made and post on the forums.

Nov 17, 2007

Defend Your Castle Trainer

This trainer is very special because I programmed it in Borland Delphi. It was much harder then VB6 but the trainer has a very polished look =). It has 8 cheats and they are...

-Score Cheat
-Castle Hp Cheat
-Archers Cheat
-Craftsman Cheat
-Wizards Cheat
-Kills Cheat
-Mana Cheat
-Spendable Cheat


Nov 15, 2007

Club Peinguin Trainer 2.0

Finally finished it! I've been working on it for the last 3 hours and last couple of days but its finally done. This trainer was also made by meeman666 of so I'm calling it his and my trainer.

Heres all the hacks:
-Coin Hack
-Safe Mode
-Waddle Hack
-Mod Options
-Hover Hack?
-Waddle Tool
-Name Hack
-Age Hack
-ID Change
-Color Hack
-Player Photo Hack
-Member Hack (working)
-Member Hack V2 (Use if Member hack Doesn't work lol)
-Load Every Item
-Player Kicker
-Get Player ID


Nov 11, 2007

SA Black

So did you like SA Trainer Masters V2? Then you will LOVE SA Trainer Black. Its the ultimate SA trainer with new hacks and special features that will make you own everyone.

Heres a picture (click to Enlarge)
Where can I download this? Well first you need to register and make an account on Darket Forums then make a few posts and you will be able to get the Ultimate SA trainer.

CP 2.0 is having some delays due to my laggy connection.

Nov 9, 2007

Back w\MechQuest Trainer

I haven't made a post in awhile because I moved. And even now I don't have a decent Internet connection. But I was still able to make make a MQ trainer. Also Ill be working on CP Trainer 2.0 tomorrow so expect it on maybe Monday or so. Also I'm really close to finishing my trainer maker which will be an extra feature in Advanced SWF hacker 2. Lastly I'll be working on DF Trainer 3.0 and an updated MQ trainer.

Download MechQuest Trainer