May 29, 2007

RuneScape Power Miner

Using this RS power miner you can easily increase your mining skills. It is not mine. It was made by sythe the admin at Unfortunately he wants you to pay and well I dont like that so here it is free. Although I must admit some problems like gene appearing and if you do not respond to he he will teleport you else where. Trojan free as well. Also thanks to sal for the information. And I may release a video on how to use it properly soon.

Download Power Miner

May 26, 2007

New Site Morphine Test

Please visit my new freewebs site! I am not leaving this blog but I will be updating the both of them.

May 23, 2007

SA Trainer Masters Version

Like I said I would be modding SA Trainer V3 final and I did. This is what I like to call SA Trainer Masters Version. It has a much easy to use interface and I found a hidden ad-ware hack that can not be seen on normal SA V3. What it does is inputs text that said "SA trainer V3 kicks ass you can get it at" or something like that. But of course I changed it and other hacks like opium lag and made some improvements. It is much easy to use and the buttons are not all crowded like on V3. It would also give you slight advantages over other players as well. Also this version does not contain a key logger. I removed any thing that even seemed to be remotely linked to taking your player information. So if your not a newb you would have SA Masters. :P

Download SA Masters

May 22, 2007

Modded SA Trainer V3

Ive taken the source for stick arena trainer Final V3 and "modded" it to make it different. This shows that you can have your own personalized SA trainer but its much harder than a hack pack and you need common knowledge of VB6. Also if you are VERY good at VB6 you may even be able to add new hacks. But then again their are very few. Also this is only a test version I may make it easier to use and add some new features later. I believe that I am the first to do this and I want to tell you that THIS IS NOT LEECHING he gave the source away and I saw it as if jake wanted us to "change" it. I hope you find it interesting.

Download Modded SA V3

May 20, 2007

Fall Down 2 Trainer (50th post!!!)

Ive actually worked well on this trainer and polished it to well... I dont want to say perfection. Lets just say it looks better than my old trainers and has to extra features. Thanks to MEEMAN666 for some help with the code :D. And id like to say that this is my 50th post which is what I think is supposed to be a mile stone. This blog has been up since November 2nd 2006 and will continue to bring you almost daily trainers programs etc. :D

Download Fall Down 2 Trainer

May 19, 2007

IP Changer

Ive found this internet protocol changer. This way if you get banned from something say a game or a chat room you can use this to change your IP address and get back into the game/chat room. It comes in handy for club penguin and other games I get banned from often. You may experience some bugs or problems but just remember I did not make this. It came from here. Theres also some instructions their. And if you want to change your IP manually you can watch this video. And about dragon fable I am still trying to find hacks using CE so that I can make a table but I may have it soon.

Download IP Changer

May 16, 2007

Sherwood Table

I was not able to make a trainer for sherwood due to some exteame problems. But I have something just as good. Ive made a cheat engine table which has a money hack. I may make another with even more hacks though but hey unlimited money in an mmorpg. Note you may need to have Cheat Engine to run this. Also when you use the hack as soon as you get more gold then your gold will increase. Like say I have 50 gold. I use the money hack to change it to 1000. Now go open a barrel or something and get the gold inside you will see that you now have the amount you want. Also dragon fable... I dont have an account but ill start messing around with it and might make a trainer\table.

Also a table is exactly like a trainer but not made with VB6 and I dont like to call them trainers anyway.

Download Sherwood Table

May 15, 2007

Tower Defence Trainer

Another trainer I made in like ten minutes. It has a money hack a citizens hack and a time hack. And don't complain if it sucks because I know but hey its something to do. Still taking requests so go ahead and ask.

Download Tower Defense Trainer

May 14, 2007

Mouse Wars Trainer

I just threw this crap together because I was bored and wanted to do something. It has a score hack and a health hack. I think i'm going to start making more trainers. So if you have any requests go ahead and ask.

Download Mouse Wars Trainer

May 13, 2007

Get Speed Gear FREE!!!

Thats right you can have speed gear FREE!!! All you haft to do is get the Speed Gear Free Trail. Install speed gear you should see a window come up that says speed gear will start in 15 seconds. Their should be a button there that says register wizard click it. Now im going to give you the registry name and code.


And there you have it FREE speed gear. Speed gear speeds up you OS which is good when downloading something or using torrents and you might be able to hack stick arena ballistick with thats why it is good to have. Thanks to Yura Clan Leader for the info. Have fun using speed gear!!!

May 11, 2007

Spam-Bot V2.0 (Error Fixes)

I was working on spam-bot last night and I have some new features and a lot of error fixes. Now your computer will not crash if used improperly. Also Ive put in the set speed like I had hoped and added a few help menus. I still plan to make a final Spam-Bot V3.0 with some hotkeys and other things but I think ill work on that later. And for anyone who wants to know spam-bot can spam most anything. Like sending am IM,e-mail,game,chat room any thing you want to know.

Also a few things of note when you first open spam-bot click STOP because of some slow downs and ONLY CLICK IN TEXT BOX'S once you've pressed start spam. Ive added some help buttons as well. Theres also a screen shot at the bottom of this post.

Download Spam-Bot V2.0

Download Spam-Bot V2.0 <(Savefile) :D

May 8, 2007

Spam-Bot V1.0

I'm back and I have a special new project. Spam-bot is actually an Auto-Spammer used in well... spamming. I made it with VB6 and it is a PROTOTYPE. I'm still working on it. I suppose the biggest problem is that you cant set your speed. That however will be fixed in later versions of spam-bot. It runs at 10 mili-seconds so there is a risk of a crash of your computer.

Quick Summery
Also if your experiencing slow downs when you first open spam-bot simply click the stop button enter your text and press start spam now the next text box you click on the spam-bot will automatically start spamming it.

It can spam:
any IM,game,email,chat room,comment

Download Spam-Bot V1.0

May 3, 2007

V2.0 HP

Yes heres my V2.0 stick arena hack pack with some cool new hacks. Also if you don't know how to use an hp theres instructions on my V1.5 post. And Ive even included a set of instructions in the pack. Now I will go over the new hacks and tell you the old.

Old hacks (All Included)
-Anti kick boot
-1 vote kick
-steal wepon (hold X near other player)
-Anti Lag
-Jump into lobby from quickstart
-Teloport Hack (tab button)
-Suicide hack (caps lock button)
-Faster Speed
-Extra wepon knife
-Wepon Hotkeys (the numbers on the right of your keyboard)
-Boot from lobby hack (simply click someones name and hit PM VERY FAST and it will boot them)

New Hacks
+Anti Lag 1,2,and 3
+Cross hair anti lag
+Manual Speed hack (Hold V to move much faster)
+7x Spam (now when you type a MSG in a game or lobby it will be said 7 times)
+Suicide Spam (Hit CAPS LOCK and TAB and it will spam and lag other players)
+Power lobby kick (Use the PM lobby kick in conjunction with 7x spam to boot out most SA V3 users)
+Power Lag (Use suicide spam in conjunction with the 7x spam to lag most anyone)
+Power Kick (Now its easier to boot out ppl with anti-kick)


(Luckily I caught the plunder sever on a good day)

Please leave a comment and tell me what you think!

May 1, 2007

Spider Solitarie Table

I'm not calling this a trainer because I like table better and so you can tell the differences im calling all the trainers I make with CE tables now. Any way spider solitaire... I WAS BORED any way there must be someone you know who's plays this game so show off to them how good you are. It has a score hack and a moves hack (Screen Shot at bottom). Also I planing on releasing my SA v2.0 HP tomorrow and its has some BAD ASS features.

(For those fans of plunder bad news I had to upload with savefile because the plunder sever is down)