Jun 28, 2007

Custom Stick Arena Maps

Ive been experimenting with this thing called the SA map editor. It lets you edit or make you own SA maps. Ill be releasing my SA map pack soon with a bunch of new arenas to play on. Until then you should get narutos map pack located on his blog Narutos Place.

Here are some pictures... Click to enlarge
I call this one hammer time... lol

Jun 25, 2007

Bot Arena 3 Trainer

Heres a trainer for a game thats actually fun. I made it pretty quick but it has a cash hack and a team weight hack. Also you should get kekebs bot arena 2 trainer on his blog e-hacks. I hope you enjoy and if theres any requests please ask. (oh and no runescape hack requests OR dragonfable hack requests) and im going to work on a new sherewood table.

Download Bot Arena 3 Trainer

Jun 24, 2007

Back w\Trainers

Im back and I have news and a few trainers. But first is the news... I have decided not to make a SA Masters V2 and I was planning to make tutorials on how to make your own SA Trainer but now I am not for one reason. Stick Arena Ballistick is supposed to come out in july. And thats the only reason.

Now the trainers. The first is a trainer for the game bloxorz which is a fun puzzle game. It has a moves hack and level passwords.

Download BLOXORZ Trainer

Next is a trainer for the game ant buster. Its like a little defense game. It has a points hack a money hack and a level hack.

Download Ant Buster Trainer

And the last trainer is for the game tetrollaspe. A very simple tetras game it has a score hack and line hack.

Download tetrollaspe Trainer

There just a few trainers I made real quick...

Jun 15, 2007

New Projects

Here are some of my newest projects. The first is a project I call IESL and that means Internet Explorer Site Logger. What it does is records every site visited using the web browser. And once you close IESL it makes a text document of all the sites visited and you can hide and un-hide it by pressing F9 F10. Its another one of my test projects and a good example of how a keylogger is made not a keylogger but it uses similar methods.

Download IESL

Next is my custom made SA Trainer. Its my first one (SA Masters Doesnt count) and I couldent quite get every cheat in it but it has some good cheats for those who dont like to cheat. It has color hack anti-lag boot kick etc...

Download Teizhcials SA Trainer

And I have a program I picked up from www.sharp-soft.net which is infamous for keyloggers and web hacking programs. But this is just a simple IP finder. Just a handy little tool with a nice design. If your intrested in stuff like this you should visit www.megasecurity.org they have archives of things like these.

Download IP Getter

I posted all this cause I wont be back for awhile cause im going on vacation :P

Jun 13, 2007

Spam-Bot V4.0 (Fianl Version)

Ive noticed the last version was broken so I decided to just go ahead and release spam-bot 4.0. This will be the final version. All problems have been fixed and it is in working order. The speed is now much easier to use and Ive added more than enough help buttons. For those of you who don't know spam-bot is used to spam anything and spam is ment to annoy and you can spam almost anything. This type of VB project is also a good way to start off if you want to make an auto-talker for runescape so if any newbs to VB6 would like the source please ask and I recommend watching the video for proper use. Now I will be focusing on Sa Masters V2.


Download Spam-Bot V4.0

Jun 11, 2007

HTML Editor

I made a special project with VB6 that will help you easily edit your HTML documents. Very simple to use and lets you save and load your documents as well. So if your good enough at HTML you can design your own web page. Still working on SA Masters V2 and the final version of spam-bot as well. If you have any ideas for a project tell me and ill see what I can do.

Download HTML Editor

Jun 9, 2007

Royale Noir

Royale noir was the black windows XP theme I was talking about. It makes your interface alot cooler (if you like the color black that is). There are two ways to set it up. The easy way and the slightly complected way. The easy way is to extract the files from the Zip open the folder and double click on luna.msstyles then change it to the black theme. The other way embeds it. Extract files to “c:\windows\resources\themes\royale noir” and double click on “luna.msstyles”. Select “Noir” from color scheme. Code-signed by Microsoft. No UXTheme hack required. Enjoy... Oh and in other news Im working on a series of projects including my HTML editor and SA Masters V2. Please leave a comment and tell me what you think ;)

Download Royal Noir

Jun 8, 2007

Spam-Bot V3.0

I am back from my little break and Ive finished spam-bot V3.0. I did not get everything I wanted to do with spam bot done but this is good enough. Also I gave it a better look then before. There is a picture of spam bot at the bottom. Also do you like the border around it? Ive also found this cool windows XP black theme. Much better than that boring old blue color. I will give you it later and I must say it is awesome.


(I had to upload to a completely different file hosting service due to some difficulties with plunder AND savefile)

Jun 1, 2007

Web Tools,News,etc...

While browsing the I found some handy little tools here they are.

Enum Process
Enumerates all running processes and tries to find out if one or more of them are firewall processes.

Downlaod Enum Process

WDNS Look up
Simply calls the internet name resolution and times the call. Then it prints all the ip addresses it got together with the canonical name and the time it took resp. the exact error message. It is similar to the nslookup tool but it provides a GUI for easy use.

Download WDNS Look up

I will be working on Spam-Bot 3.0 and also will be taking personal requests for some very lucky people. I will make them there own personal SA Trainers. You can choose any existing trainer hacks and a color design so if you want one made tell me in the comment box with all the details.