Mar 22, 2007

Runescape Editor/Artmoney 2

Runescapre Stat Editor V1.4 Sooner!

Yes I might be able to have the editor avalible tommorow. It will be in the .ZIP format and will be downloaded at plunder only. Ill also release the instructions with it and I advise that you read them before you use them. What the trainer does is you input your user name and password then you can use the Item hacker and the Stat hacker features. The item hacker lets you select form all the wepons all the armors. You put the number of the selected item in the box and if you want it in your inventory or bank. You can also put as many strength potions as you want into your game too. The stat hacker lets you add points to your STR,ATK,DEF, and HP. It also lets you select your Magic,Prayer,Cooking,Fishing,Mining,Smithing,Crafting, and Ranged. And this should be ready tommorow! (Plus if its not I post EVERY DAY so you will know why.

Artmoney 2
First you need to Download Artmoney...

Next you need to learn the basics of AM. (First Open Minesweeper)

1.the search button used to search for values.
2.the filter button used to filter the searched values.
3.the process bar used to select the program that you want to hack.
4.use this button to transfer values to the list.
5.use this to clear the list.
Directions Use button number 3 and select "winmine".

go to artmoney and search for the value ten(this amount of flags left)
(search box should look like the pic.)and click "ok".now i'll explain what he buttons do.

first alt-tab to minesweeper and right click to drop a in artmoney click the filter button and make the box look like this(look at pic.)again i will explain what the buttons do. type
2.filter value
3.values filter type

Now click "OK"
after the filtering you should have only one value left now click the red arrow to transfer the value to the list.
now change the value to 10 and freeze it sadly this will not help you win the game so now comes a cheat that will.

first search for a unkown intial value or unknown valuenow in mine sweeper lose the game by hitting a mine.
now in artmoney filter for a changed value.
then start a new game in mine sweeper in artmoney filter for the same as last time.
also filter for the intiger type that is 4 bytes repeat this process till you have one value when i did it i got 1.
when you havn't lossed yet and 16 when you have lossednow lose the minesweeper and change your new value to 1 and freeze it.
now play mine sweeper with a new game and lose and you should be able to click on boxes after you lost and once you click all the boxes you will win the game.

Thats all...


meeman666 said...

dude i have a feeling your just going to post the rip off runescape editor for . You probably just downloaded it changed it and stuff like that so it looks like you made it. And the one from doesn't even work. Its a piece of crap that does nothing but look nice.

meeman666 said...

no offense or anything,
dont take it the rong way. Thats just what i think, but if you make one that works you'll be amazing

Anonymous said...

can you plzzzzz make the runescape trainer and can you also make a membership hack and a transforming into goblin hack or somkething like that.

Anonymous said...

you don't have to do the transforming thing

Anonymous said...

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