Jul 31, 2007

Opium T3st 2 Fourms

Anyone want exclusive game hacks tutorials cheats serials and a whole bunch of other stuff they should register at the Opium T3st 2 forums and start posting do it fast and you may be a MOD. Im doing exclusive things only at the forum so sign up!!!

Link to the forums

Jul 30, 2007

AQ Trainer BETA V1.9 + 2 Trainers

Big post today. First is my adventure quest Trainer BETA Version 1.9 now it is a beta version so if it does not work do whine to me. Please tell me all the bugs defaults or if you have any helpful information I would appreciate it. It has a main hacks with health and mana hacks (Still has many bugs) and there are the same hacks on the main interface those will most likely work.Next is a trainer for the game VR Defender its a fun little TD game it has a money life and time hack. And the other Trainer is for gun master Jungle madness.

Download AQ BETA V1.9 - Download AQ BETA V1.9

Download VR Defender Trainer - Download VR Defender Trainer

Download Gunmaster Trainer -Download Gunmaster Trainer

Jul 29, 2007

Zombie Slayer Trainer

Here is a new trainer for a game called zombie slayer just made it real quick. I will be getting back to working so you can expect more trainers soon. As for my AQ trainer Ive been having problems but expect a beta version soon as well and some other stuff until then enjoy the new trainer.

Download Zombie Slayer Trainer

Download Zombie Slayer Trainer

Jul 26, 2007

Runescape Cheat Pack

Well for all the rs players here is a rs cheat pack. It has 10 bots that you can use to make the game easier. it includes:

Auto Dropper-Made By some guy called Proffessor
Cruel Miner-Good Miner made By unknown
Elite Talker-By covey Maker of EliteSwitch
Sythes Wood Cutter-By Sythe of sythe.org
Autoclicker-By rs2cheating.com
Autofighter-By rs2cheating.com
Autosayer-By Sythe of sythe.org
Rk Woodcutter-By Haste & Bam Bam
Sythes AutoBuyer-By Sythe of sythe.org
Sythes Power Miner-By Sythe of sythe.org

Enjoy the cheat pack

Download Runescape Cheat Pack

Download Runescape Cheat Pack

Jul 21, 2007

Stcik Rpg Trainer + RS Auto Buyer

Ive made a new trainer for stick rpg with more than 30 hacks. Took me awhile but its got more hacks than any srpg trainer =P No offense other people who have made a trainer for this game. But anyways here is a pic O and its for stick rpg Complete.

Download Stick Rpg Trainer

Now for all the runescape fans I have a handy little auto buyer made by sythe of sythe.org And there are NO TROJANS I test everything myself and put myself at risk so YOU dont get infected. Still dont believe me? Then Scan it enjoy cause I may be bringing you more rs bots soon. And if you dont know how to use it click the help button and dont ask me :D

Download Sythes Auto Buyer

Jul 19, 2007

Sa Trainer V3 Window Mode w/MSSTDFMT.DLL

All right I made this real quick. What this is is a window mode for Sa Trainer V3. And as an added bonus inside is the missing MSSTDFMT.DLL file that you all complain about. Now you should be able to work V3 and I hope you like the window mode better.

Download Sa Trainer V3 Window Mode

Jul 16, 2007

Sa Map Pack V1.1

Ive gotten a lot of complaints about the sa map pack not working and in the new V1.1 I just made a bug fix and now it works perfectly. But if you still have problems tell me and ill be sure to fix them. I might not be back for awhile cause I'm working on my own adventure quest trainer and may release a beta version soon. Thats all enjoy the new maps

Download Sa Map Pack V1.1

Jul 15, 2007

Dooms Day 2 Trainer

Yet another trainer for the game one mans doomsday 2. Has a restore health a kills hack and a kills needed hack.

Download Dooms day 2 Trainer (plunder)
Download Dooms day 2 Trainer (savefile)

Jul 14, 2007

GunMaster Trainer

Here is a kick ass trainer I made yesterday. It has a lot more hacks than my average trainer and if people like this one I may make another one with low gravity rapid fire etc... But anyways if you want a trainer made I need you to ask as a comment or else I wont get it. Thats all enjoy the new Trainer.

Download Gunmaster Trainer
Download Gunmaster Trainer (savefile)

Someone recently brought to my attention that the trainer was broke so here is the link to download the fixed version


Jul 13, 2007

Crazy Castle Trainer

Another new trainer I do take requests but only in the form of a comment so if you want a trainer made for a particular game just comment. Anyways it has a freeze health and a money hack. Ive also uploaded it to both plunder and savefile. Ill be doing so from now on so enjoy.

Download Crazy Castle Trainer
Download Crazy Castle Trainer (savefile)

Jul 9, 2007

Demonic Defence 3 Trainer + Fixed Downloads

Ive made a new trainer for the game demonic defense 4. It has a gold hack a castle health hack and a rune hack. The plunder server has been having problems again so I upload my DD4 trainer my champion archer trainer and my SA Trainer V2.0 to savefile.

Download Demonic Defense 3 Trainer

Download Champion Archer Trainer

Download Teizhcials SA Trainer V2.0

It says Demonic Defense 4 but its actually for #3 I messed up lol

Jul 8, 2007

Champion Archer Trainer

Heres a new trainer I made for the game champion archer. Right off the bat you will notice it looks different from all my other trainers. Anyways it has a gold hack a health hack and a super army hack (makes your allies harder to kill). And thanks to kekeb for telling about the border styles. Enjoy ill start makeing more trainers soon.

Download Champion Archer Trainer

Jul 6, 2007

Teizhcials SA Trainer V2.0

Ive finished my second sa trainer and it has alot more than the first. The reason I make my own SA Trainers is to test my skills with VB6 and not to give newbs hacks. And since im so kind I share them with you because you come to my site. So these are merely projects I do for fun and not to ruin the game! It has many more hacks and some new trainer hacks theres a pic at the bottom take a look for yourself. And yes I did make this myself it is not a mod of V3 I made it MYSELF. I'm going to take a break from sa starting now and am going to be working on other things. I will have some free software and other stuff soon.

Download Teizhcials SA Trainer V2.0

Jul 3, 2007

Teizhcials SA Map Pack

Ive finally finished my map pack. With this you can now play on 12 new maps. Some maps quality is a little on the unprofessional side but all of them are fun and interesting. There is a catch to the map packs though and that is only other people with map packs can see the map so you will haft to get all you friends to get it so you can have match's on new arenas. Also ive included the foo.flm and settings so that its just like a blank hp but with new maps. Please comment and tell me what you think :D

Download SA Map Pack