Feb 27, 2008

Host Multi-Player Trainer

Picture of trainer (click to enlarge):
Host is a free multi-player Flash game.



Feb 25, 2008

Flash Trainer Kit

My old so called "Universal Trainer" was too hard to use for some people. This why I made a new one called flash trainer kit. Not much to say except that its easy too use. I I will try and make a video on how to update the battleon trainer in the future. Also if you have any requests for a flash trainer MAKE A COMMENT NOW. I will make it ASAP because I now have a much faster internet connection. I'm also working on a PAWN game trainer.


Feb 23, 2008

Panty Raid!

Warning Mature Content... nub.

Feb 15, 2008

SA Black 2 Trail Version

Stick Arena trainer black V.2 trail version is now available. But you can only get it at the forums and in order to get it you haft to have made 120 posts.


Just wanted to let everyone know...


Feb 4, 2008

New Templete

I decided to give the old site a make over with this new templete. Tell me what you think of it by leaveing a comment and don't forget to visit the forums.

Feb 3, 2008

Sonny & Flash Empires Trainers

I'm back with new trainers! I should really update more but I have been busy with school and such and haven't had much time for trainer making. I made a trainer for flash empires which is like a defense/TD game thats pretty fun. Also I made a trainer for the RPG flash game sonny which is a really fun game. You should try and beat the game without hacks then play around with it. Its also a good game if you want to burn some time. What I'll be working on next I don't really know but if you want to leave a comment and request a trainer go ahead.

Flash Empires Hacks:
-Money Hack
-Kills Hack
-Wave Hack

Sonny Hacks:
-Vitality Hack
-Strength Hack
-Magic Hack
-Speed Hack
-Focas Hack
-Ability Points Hack
-Attribute Points Hack
-Money Hack
-Exp Hack
-Stage Hack
-Get Item Hack

Download - Flash Empires Trainer
Download - Sonny Trainer