Mar 23, 2007

RS Beta Testing Failed

RS Beta Test Report

Unfortunatly the trainer failed in beta testing. I treid to speed up the add process and it failed and crashed. It will take a while before I can fix this and I am very sorry but I am begining to think that it truly cant be hacked. Also the old format had many errors that could not find your account and also only a few items could be added but no stats can be changed...

Cool Site!

Ive found another awsome SA hacking site at freewebs. This one has much more stuff and it is a must see for any SA hacker. (Thanks to the commentor for the site) Also expect my SA hackpack soon as well.


Mystikz said...

lol you moron, it cant be hacked.

Teizake said...

Teiz I tried to make another web for more hacks so it's no competition... Just to entertain people XD