Mar 17, 2007

Latest News

The First is the new SA Trainer V3 *Fianl*is coming out but it has been delayed many times and jake says this will be the last SA trainer so that counts as big news.

Did you know cheat engines all fucked up?
Yes it is true it seems that the old CE site has been fucked up by who else but HACKERS so no comments no downloads no bullshit. I think the last time it worked was way back in 2005.

Want to hack an old DLL?
Ive found jakes Quick\Inject Morphine DLL to be a great place to start for any inspiring hacker. It may be too complecated for some though. Anyway heres the DLL.

Also I wanted to enter the 88x31 Button contest but I dident understand it and I was too late. The desigh that won looked like crap to me but the guy won some cash and jake will make a trainer of his Choice. (Lucky Bastard)

Thats all for today expect DAILY posts from now on..

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