Jan 22, 2008

Quick Shot

Hello again >:) told you I would post again. But besides that. If your still wanting a trainer for a flash game I've make a special section on the forums where you can request a trainer. You just haft to register an account here answer the e-mail validation and then make the request here. You can also make posts at the forums. The more posts you have the more hacks/cheats/trainers you can get.

Well as in the title I've made a new program called Quick shot. What it does is it will take a picture of you computer screen by clicking a button. You can also do this by pressing a key on your keyboard but I find this useful for games that don't allow you to take a screen shot or if your on a computer that doesn't have the print screen key. You can also set it to hide itself when you take the shot and you can take a shot of the current active window. You can also set a hot key for the screen shot. I made it in borland delphi.


DOWNLOAD - Quick Shot (Plunder)
DOWNLOAD - Quick Shot (UploadYour)

Jan 21, 2008

Thermo Storm Trainer

Wow haven't posted in a while again... But I did make a new trainer for the game thermo storom. It has...

-Health Hack

-Grenades Hack

-Score Hack

-Jet Fuel Hack

-Gravity Hack

-Slow Motion Hack

-Teleport Hack

Pictue (click to enlarge):


I'll post tommorow with some updates.

Jan 12, 2008

News, 2 Trainers, AUT v1.8

Its been awhile since I posted on my site (Due mostly because of my internet connection) but I'll see if I can update more often. I have spent most of my time on the Darket forums and posting there. Theres alot of cool stuff there like trainers/hacks for games and other stuff. Also I might make another attempt at making a mechquest trainer.

I made a trainer for the game bloons tower defense which is a pretty fun TD game. Its also an encrypted flash game >:) it has a set money and set lives cheat. And the other trainer I made is for Endless Zombie Rampage. It has a set health/set EXP/set weapon and set kills cheat. It also has a resize-able form! Which means you can maximize it and the game will maximize with the window. You can download both of them at the bottom of the page.

Also I am releasing my advanced universal flash trainer version 1.8 (AUT 1.8) and it has some new features but the biggest update is you can now save and load your own list of variables which you can use to cheat in the flash game. I am still working on the trainer maker but also working on a lite version of AUT (written in delphi) which won't include the trainer maker. I have also made a long variable list that you can also download at the bottom.

DOWNLOAD - Bloons TD Trainer
DOWNLOAD - Endless Zombie Rampage Trainer
DOWNLOAD - Variable List.txt