Jun 1, 2007

Web Tools,News,etc...

While browsing the I found some handy little tools here they are.

Enum Process
Enumerates all running processes and tries to find out if one or more of them are firewall processes.

Downlaod Enum Process

WDNS Look up
Simply calls the internet name resolution and times the call. Then it prints all the ip addresses it got together with the canonical name and the time it took resp. the exact error message. It is similar to the nslookup tool but it provides a GUI for easy use.

Download WDNS Look up

I will be working on Spam-Bot 3.0 and also will be taking personal requests for some very lucky people. I will make them there own personal SA Trainers. You can choose any existing trainer hacks and a color design so if you want one made tell me in the comment box with all the details.


HackerGdawg94 said...

when I try to pen your visual basic file, it says that the language dll can not be found.

HackerGdawg94 said...


Zenith said...

nice site...you want to join R.H.I.

Anonymous said...

u know where to download hack for runescape or editor??how u make ur runscape acc so many item?

Anonymous said...

on stick arena trainer i cant get the speed gear to worrk can som1 tell me wat im doin wrong plz

Anonymous said...

lol plz can u make me a sa trainer with red name, speed hack, reload hack and hp hack