Jun 15, 2007

New Projects

Here are some of my newest projects. The first is a project I call IESL and that means Internet Explorer Site Logger. What it does is records every site visited using the web browser. And once you close IESL it makes a text document of all the sites visited and you can hide and un-hide it by pressing F9 F10. Its another one of my test projects and a good example of how a keylogger is made not a keylogger but it uses similar methods.

Download IESL

Next is my custom made SA Trainer. Its my first one (SA Masters Doesnt count) and I couldent quite get every cheat in it but it has some good cheats for those who dont like to cheat. It has color hack anti-lag boot kick etc...

Download Teizhcials SA Trainer

And I have a program I picked up from www.sharp-soft.net which is infamous for keyloggers and web hacking programs. But this is just a simple IP finder. Just a handy little tool with a nice design. If your intrested in stuff like this you should visit www.megasecurity.org they have archives of things like these.

Download IP Getter

I posted all this cause I wont be back for awhile cause im going on vacation :P

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