Jun 24, 2007

Back w\Trainers

Im back and I have news and a few trainers. But first is the news... I have decided not to make a SA Masters V2 and I was planning to make tutorials on how to make your own SA Trainer but now I am not for one reason. Stick Arena Ballistick is supposed to come out in july. And thats the only reason.

Now the trainers. The first is a trainer for the game bloxorz which is a fun puzzle game. It has a moves hack and level passwords.

Download BLOXORZ Trainer

Next is a trainer for the game ant buster. Its like a little defense game. It has a points hack a money hack and a level hack.

Download Ant Buster Trainer

And the last trainer is for the game tetrollaspe. A very simple tetras game it has a score hack and line hack.

Download tetrollaspe Trainer

There just a few trainers I made real quick...


Vova said...

Your ant buster thing dont work just shows white display

Anonymous said...

yea ant buster just show white display

Anonymous said...

erm can u make a toturial on how to make a trainer?