Jun 11, 2007

HTML Editor

I made a special project with VB6 that will help you easily edit your HTML documents. Very simple to use and lets you save and load your documents as well. So if your good enough at HTML you can design your own web page. Still working on SA Masters V2 and the final version of spam-bot as well. If you have any ideas for a project tell me and ill see what I can do.

Download HTML Editor


Anonymous said...

heys i have an idea for the trainer. can u make it to where u can type in a players name and 'lock on' and conmcentrate all fires on that person. ( and if u can teleport behind em that would be kool too : P ) thx for listening XD

Teizhcial said...

I believe what you are talking about is an Aim-Bot a program that fires and never misses. As for the teleport it might be possible but im not sure what game your talking about

meeman666 said...

yo teiz,
what trainer is he talking about
and nice program.

meeman666 said...

thanx 4 riting back so soon. Also whats your email address again. I forgot to add u to my contacts. If its easier just email me and i'll get it.


Also if you email me could you send me the source for the html editor cause i love the program. Its amazing. now all i have to do is learn html....lol

meeman666 said...

if u want teiz,
i can help u with aim mail. IDK....It seems realy easy to me although i've never used hotmail. Thanks