May 29, 2007

RuneScape Power Miner

Using this RS power miner you can easily increase your mining skills. It is not mine. It was made by sythe the admin at Unfortunately he wants you to pay and well I dont like that so here it is free. Although I must admit some problems like gene appearing and if you do not respond to he he will teleport you else where. Trojan free as well. Also thanks to sal for the information. And I may release a video on how to use it properly soon.

Download Power Miner


HackerGdawg94 said...

dude sythes powerminer sucks. If you wanna get a good one download cruel miner, or get a chinese miner. go to my site for the link to cruel miner download.

Anonymous said...

Hey all :)

What are the better as well as most used mmorpg as well as role play game games of 2010 and may be played for this year?
If possible inform me the amount of people play in mmorpg's and then in case of rpg's tell methe system standards as well as some site where there is stats of those games may be specified(same applies to mmorpg to).

Thank you !