May 11, 2007

Spam-Bot V2.0 (Error Fixes)

I was working on spam-bot last night and I have some new features and a lot of error fixes. Now your computer will not crash if used improperly. Also Ive put in the set speed like I had hoped and added a few help menus. I still plan to make a final Spam-Bot V3.0 with some hotkeys and other things but I think ill work on that later. And for anyone who wants to know spam-bot can spam most anything. Like sending am IM,e-mail,game,chat room any thing you want to know.

Also a few things of note when you first open spam-bot click STOP because of some slow downs and ONLY CLICK IN TEXT BOX'S once you've pressed start spam. Ive added some help buttons as well. Theres also a screen shot at the bottom of this post.

Download Spam-Bot V2.0

Download Spam-Bot V2.0 <(Savefile) :D

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plz upload it on

Plunder doesent work for me