May 8, 2007

Spam-Bot V1.0

I'm back and I have a special new project. Spam-bot is actually an Auto-Spammer used in well... spamming. I made it with VB6 and it is a PROTOTYPE. I'm still working on it. I suppose the biggest problem is that you cant set your speed. That however will be fixed in later versions of spam-bot. It runs at 10 mili-seconds so there is a risk of a crash of your computer.

Quick Summery
Also if your experiencing slow downs when you first open spam-bot simply click the stop button enter your text and press start spam now the next text box you click on the spam-bot will automatically start spamming it.

It can spam:
any IM,game,email,chat room,comment

Download Spam-Bot V1.0

1 comment:

meeman666 said...

what does it spam? aim? msn?