Apr 24, 2007

V2.0 HP Soon

Ive been testing my new V2.0 hack pack. It will have what V1.5 and more I have a list of the new hacks at the bottom. I beleaive the is the best HP out their and most likly I am wroung. But it beats using the now n00b infested sa trainer. If you want to know how to use a hack pack and get my V1.5 simply scroll down to my last post.

V1.5 Hacks:
-Anti kick boot
-1 vote kick-steal wepon (hold X near other player)
-Anti Lag
-Jump into lobby from quickstart
-Teloport Hack (tab button)
-Suicide hack (caps lock button)
-Faster Speed
-Extra wepon knife
-Wepon Hotkeys (the numbers on the right of your keyboard)
-Boot from lobby hack (simply click someones name and hit PM VERY FAST and it will boot them)

New V2.0 Hacks:
-Invincibility (you cannot die now)

-ASH *Auto Speed Hack* (Not moving fast enough? Hold down V and then move you will move much faster and can even fly right into walls but you may get stuck outside the arena so press TAB to respawn)

-Suicide spam (Caps lock is suicide hack so now press it really fast to spam and lagg other players)

-4x Lobby Spam (Simply type a message in the lobby or do 4x the spam to pwn the only 1x spam sa trainer users)

Also more hacks will be added apon release...

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