Apr 5, 2007

Blog Library/UBHA Info.

Alright this will break down some of the hacking blogs for you and also if your blog appears on the list you are welcome to join UBHA. But it is your choice. Also the UBHA blog will be up tommorow. So get the URL here then everyone who is welcomed can sigh up as members and post on the blog and subit their content!

Name: Jake
Blog: www.opiumtest.blogspot.com
UBHA Status: Welcome...

Name: Meeman666
Blog: www.ppt277.blogspot.com
UBHA Status: Member

Name: Kekeb
Blog: www.ehacks.blogspot.com
UBHA Status: Member

Name: GothicJump
Blog: www.gothicjump.blogspot.com
UBHA Status: Welcome...

Name: Sal
Blog: www.allthehackshere.blogspot.com
UBHA Status: Welcome...

Remeber UBHA will be up tommorow. And tell me (Gothicjump,Sal,jake) if your ready to join UBHA. And try and find new members to be apart of UBHA.

And finally ive changed the underground in UBHA has been changed to united.
So UBHA now means United Blog Hackers Association.


GothicJump said...

Awesome. I want to join 100%! Thanks :D. I love the united idea :P. Hopefully Jake will join.

Kekeb said...

hey, nice. Hopefully this thing gets rolling!

Moneymate said...

Can I join?