Apr 20, 2007

Hex Editors

Today I want to tell you about hex editors. A hex editor is a memory editor that can be used to hack flash games by changeing the variables. Ive found this fun and cool to exparament with I also want to make my own hex editor. To learn more about hex editors go here.

Also here are a few hex editors you can mess around with some of them you may already know.

Quick Memory Editor:Complecated but is good to try if your looking for somthing new.


Cheat Engine V5.3:Perhaps the most well know reativly medeocure to use.


Speed Gear:Not actually a hex editor but it will speed up your os.


Most of these were found at the Softcows website.

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Sal said...

yo, u still didnt post my trainers and i have all of them listed at allthehackshere.tk can u plz out it in the library plz lol! :)