Aug 8, 2014

Understand Life [In a few paragraphs]

Catatonic being alive isn't it? Invisible chaos blowing up in front of your face? Space and time skyrocketing at a relentless pace? Unbelievably somehow your existence hasn't shattered yet and your not becoming dirt like your ancestors.

Light shines from the impeccable orb of radiating flame that taunts existence from the sky. Breathe in deep the air around you feeling compelled to keep your mind alive. As everyone is, yours too the soul that binds your spirit to the ethereal plain of reality. True being is accepting imperfections of the universe then ascending to a level beyond comprehension of our time space. By simple rationalization of your current phase, and stridently focusing on developing minds you can expand past the astral map above and find true inner peace.

How could this be done? The answer is quite simple and yet it is far beyond complicated. Imagine yourself as an entity that swells and flows with your memories thoughts and everything that makes your existence. Now imagine this entity inflating and expanding, if it goes too fast then its own destruction is imminent. So you must allow it to reach a certain level of sustainability to allow for more physically mental power. Altered states and incredible new experiences await what many beleive to be lifes end, but it really only speeds recklessly into new reality phases and dimensions. Insane new lives begin each one seeming to be infinitely more grand and amazing then the last. Interpersonal dreams become the standardized comprehensive of new existing reality formed from your souls eternal desire to be one.

The truth is you have no idea.

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