Aug 3, 2014

Invigorating Isolation

Time is pasing so quickly. The faces you see everyday just memories of a soon to be forgotten past. Life itself is a game, in a way its the most important game ever. The only way to tell if you've won or lost is simple. You haft to die, then all of the game of lifes questions will be answered.

Do not fear death. On a recent spiritual journey I had, visions of a women. She had pure white hair and was wearing a dark gown that had beautiful wings sprouted out of it. As I looked into the void she wrapped her arms around my neck and whispered "you have nothing to fear my child, I am always with you and in death you will come with me to tranquility" and I felt a relief like never before. I am no longer afraid to die. I know she will be there to save me.

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