Sep 19, 2009

Site Back...

I decided to reopen the site. Changed some things around, made the archives more accessible and went back to an old school simple layout. Haven't been active on the site much or posting but I'm still here. There is a chat in the links above if you want to stop by I might be there, but I'm always active on the forums. I'll try to post a bit more often now a days, but have been far to busy IRL, growing older etc... normal things for someone my age, like chasing girls and experimenting with drugs.

Was thinking about downloading Delphi and try to start doing some stuff with it, or at least trying too. If I do I'm sure I'll make a couple of new trainers in my spare time. As for trainers there is also a trainers link to my plunder account which has most of my old stuff there even though most of them are broken. Was also thinking about publicly realising my old school SA AIMBOT, which is really just a simple color bot, since all these new SAB trainers seem to have them built into them. Yes also I still have a SAB trainer I never finished, which I might if I want too.

Anyway I'll try to post more, and you can drop me an email/trainer request or whatever at:

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