Jun 19, 2008

Another New Poster

I'm another new poster, Marioman Sp. I tend to make trainers more than anything else. Every once in a while I'll post some of my trainers here. In a few days, along with the trainers I made (on the post below) I will be posting a big trainer pack with about ten or so trainers. If you don't want to wait a while for the trainers then become a member of the Forums and make some posts. I will probably post often since I try to make a trainer a day on my website.
-Marioman Sp-


M said...


Anonymous said...

lol dont spam on the new guy

-good luck on makin a trainer a day lol-

Demoniz3d-wolf said...

A trainer a day..
Hmm that sounds like it's going to flood the blog.

mariomansp said...

I do a trainer a day on my site, http://www.ultimatecheatz.blogspot.com . On this one every few days I'll post a lot of trainers.

Anonymous said...

Yours suck.