Nov 30, 2007

This is Madness Trainer

Spent awhile on this but its a really good trainer for a really good game so enjoy it =D

It has:
God Mode
Speed Cheat
High Jump Mode
Points Cheat
Big Head Mode
Really Big Head Mode
Dev View Mode
Weapons cheat (You can select to get all 12 Weapons or pick the ones you want)



Anonymous said...

Impressive darket. You update your site real fast with new trainers. I think your in 1st compared to your competition. (PPt277) (Jake)

Keep up the good work

Efhilt said...

hey men! good worK! but, can you please promote my site in your partner links!like E-Hacks!!! Let's be friends!!My Blog is! C'yah!

Ralf said...

I forgot !!My name is not Efhilt! My name is Ralf! C'yah!

l_Light_l said...

Nice, fun game =]

You did it again teiz keep up the good work