Nov 15, 2007

Club Peinguin Trainer 2.0

Finally finished it! I've been working on it for the last 3 hours and last couple of days but its finally done. This trainer was also made by meeman666 of so I'm calling it his and my trainer.

Heres all the hacks:
-Coin Hack
-Safe Mode
-Waddle Hack
-Mod Options
-Hover Hack?
-Waddle Tool
-Name Hack
-Age Hack
-ID Change
-Color Hack
-Player Photo Hack
-Member Hack (working)
-Member Hack V2 (Use if Member hack Doesn't work lol)
-Load Every Item
-Player Kicker
-Get Player ID



Anonymous said...

No member hacks...

meeman666 said...

very nice updates.

What was the swf u used for member hack 2?


Anonymous said...

omg the member hack dont work omg suks

make a ermmm more rs hacks like cant u amail me some passwords wich r for rs? there accs passes email mine

c yer bruvaaa!!!

Smashpwned said...

can't download it something is wrong

Sal said...

Ya nice....Check out my CP Trainer V3.0 at its pretty good, currently better than Jakes :D

Anonymous said...

This trainer suks, i tested the name hack, the only pc that can see it is the one using the hack, the money hack works, but i can't buy anything with the money cuz the member hack doesnt work p.s. this trainer sucks! p.s.s. my dog could have made a better one!

Anonymous said...

the member hack doesnt work fix it

Smashpwned said...

hey can you e-mail me the Visual basic 6 program? or put a link up here? thanks


fmadante said...

pretty sweet but still some glitches