Jul 6, 2007

Teizhcials SA Trainer V2.0

Ive finished my second sa trainer and it has alot more than the first. The reason I make my own SA Trainers is to test my skills with VB6 and not to give newbs hacks. And since im so kind I share them with you because you come to my site. So these are merely projects I do for fun and not to ruin the game! It has many more hacks and some new trainer hacks theres a pic at the bottom take a look for yourself. And yes I did make this myself it is not a mod of V3 I made it MYSELF. I'm going to take a break from sa starting now and am going to be working on other things. I will have some free software and other stuff soon.

Download Teizhcials SA Trainer V2.0


lucas said...

heya lets put this simple, i love ur trainers (mainly sa trainers) but on all sa trainers i ahev come across when it tells u to put ur speed value( after u click speed hack) i dont know what to put and whatever i put it makes me go slower! i also would liek to know what client and id and frame n stuff mean =p.

Anonymous said...

Teiz! I loved your last trainer for StickArena. But your latest one, V2, it won't download correctly. It kept saying Server too Busy. I odn't understand why is that. If you Could please repspond, that'll be great. thanks man.