Jul 14, 2007

GunMaster Trainer

Here is a kick ass trainer I made yesterday. It has a lot more hacks than my average trainer and if people like this one I may make another one with low gravity rapid fire etc... But anyways if you want a trainer made I need you to ask as a comment or else I wont get it. Thats all enjoy the new Trainer.

Download Gunmaster Trainer
Download Gunmaster Trainer (savefile)

Someone recently brought to my attention that the trainer was broke so here is the link to download the fixed version



Anonymous said...

Really addictive game even if your cheating but you can die if you have multiple targets hitting you like the helicopter, plane, and the bomb-barrel..

Teizhcial said...

I noticed that but I still got to level 21 without god mode

Sellymater said...

Plz help me!!!!!!!!
This is my favorite game
The problem:

Im downloading the program
And open White White White White....
And opening the gamegecko.com :(
Plz help to hack the game!.

Anonymous said...

Well this is cool! Well You should make good trainers!!!!!!!
Yeh so cool Trainer I love these trainers you make!A shame i havent got a trainer maker at all!:( :(
I know how to make a trainer its just that i havent got one!
Ok Goodbye!

Anonymous said...

ok the gunmaster trainer rocks but...
wtf the enimies(solders)wont even come on screen dude plz fix it gets really boreing
oh and uh can u make a trainer 4 gunmaster 3 urban wafare or wtf it is....

Anonymous said...

SUPER REQUEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

ok im going to put this the politest way i can..........

and can u have the same hacks 4 the first gunmaster but have a super jump hack or a reload hack like on the sa trainer final v3 kool ok bye

Anonymous said...

hey hey!!!!
wat do u mean by fixed??
the peeps wont even come on screen!!!!!!?!?!?!??!@???134352314525341#@!%^#$%!#$@#!@%

oh but great trainers keep it up.bye

Anonymous said...

dude i can not stress this enough!!!the soiders dont come on screen wtf!!!?!?!?!!?

oh great trainers

Micro said...

This is good!
Can you publish where u got the trainer maker from, plZ!!