Oct 2, 2010

October Octology

Despite your opinion I still post. Less lately but you know right? Well its October. I like this month so I decided to change up the site a little. Been playing a lot of Minecraft a game I've watch grow for months and its really fun. although you haft to buy the Alpha version of the game the multi-player is free in the browser. I got the game for free though because when the dev had his last free2play weekend I changed the client to not connected to the internet and therefor not get updated so free minecraft woo! I might be making some minecraft vid's otherwise you should buy the game and support the dev as he is constantly working on the game so that means a lot of updates.

Musically I've been listening too Interpols Turn on the Bright Lights album, its a really good album. I always try to bring some music to my posts but I may make an in depth music thread
sometime down the month otherwise you can add me on my shitty last.fm that I never go on or update haha o well. If you have an album you think I would like post a comment and I'll give it a
try, although I'm very picky when it comes to what I choose to listen too.

Hey you insatiable cunt, you like Runescape? Yeah thats what I thought, but I'm hold a contest where you can win my RS account for free, all you haft to do is send me a picture via email or in
a comment. The picture can be anything, how I will decided who will win well... whoever posts a
picture I like the most will win so its pretty easy. Either way I'll make an update with more of the info on the contest later.

Now I leave you with this.

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