Jun 13, 2010

Love Hates Me?!

My face when I read the shit on gothicjumps new site. A lot of the shit on there is really deep keep up the good shit man, heres the link to the site: http://parker.co.nr/

Been looking around and might make a couple trainers for some Games I've been playing but in the meantime I've been listening to a lot of music and found a great site called AudioLeech which has a shit ton of GOOD music downloads you should check out the site.

Besides that theres a couple other blogs I visit one of them is The J-Walk Blog which is something to read when your bored or whatever. Another is Zeropaid which is another news site again just something to read about. Either way if your bored and want to watch some videos Filecabi is a really good site.

And now something in the way of a more creative touch I'm starting an "Album of the Week" kind of thing.

This weeks album is the bends by Radiohead.

Download it here and give it a try. More tomorrow........ maybe

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